Friday, December 30, 2005

My wonderful year 2005

As seen in some blogs lately, people like to conclude their year and talk about what’s been up. Why should I be any different. It turns out there was more going on than I ever remembered. I traveled more than I remember, I met many new people who were worth meeting. There were many work-related things too but i will not talk about work, let’s just say that professionally it was a good year.

January: went to Canary Islands, managing to sneak away for my birthday; T left the country
February: MM back to picture
March: MM out of the picture
April: went to London and saw the Kylie Minogue show
May: went to St Petersburg, met A and A
June: went to Hiiumaa for Jaanipäev with one of the aforementioned A-s, met M
July: organized and took part in wonderful Summer University, which took me to Riga; met Nk and R and Y
August: went to company summer-days, met VK
September: went to Slovenia for vacation and spent the best time with Nk and R, met P
October: V and another A in the picture
November: bought Robbie Williams tickets; went to Egypt and did my first diving; met O
December: had a great Christmas time…and the stories of new-year’s party are yet to come….

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My 2 families

This Christmas I realized I have 2 families. First is my traditional “real” family – mum, dad, sister, brother – 5 altogether. I spent the long Christmas weekend with them. We’re all a bit crazy, we argue and we fight but we enjoy being together and we’re happy that we’re all doing ok. They need me around once in a while and I need them. So we celebrated the holidays, ate a lot and exchanged presents, I got 4:)

My second family are my friends. If I take the closest circle of them – A, N, S and PM – there’s also 5 of us altogether. Some of them see me far more often than my first family, since we do live in the same city and/or work or live together. So, with them we had the “family dinner” a couple of days ago in a Russian restaurant and we had the best time – we ate, drank vodka (discovering only later, when the bill arrived, that the vodka shots were all double), reminisced and just had fun. And, I got 4 presents:)

Gotta love my 2 families! They are the best!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yep, it's holiday season...

Photo by: N

The holiday season is especially visible and discernible in our office. The picture above is only one of the examples of the (almost) hundreds of gifts sent this week.

I like the idea of thanking your clients and partners for a successful year together. We do it as well. But let’s face it, most of them send candies or even worse – cakes. We have 13 people working here…how much should we be able to eat?….within couple of days! And, in any case, at least go the extra mile and think of something a bit more original, not go to the store, buy a random cake and print your logo on a box.

So what do we do with all the cakes? This year we decided to give some of them (as we still do eat some by ourselves:) to where they’re more appreciated – to a shelter house. They happy, we happy:) This is also one of the precautions to take in order not to gain 5 kilos:)

Happy holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Xmas peace?…not for me!

So I’m busy… I guess that is pretty obvious by now. Sometimes there’s so much to do that I wish somebody would take away some responsibilities and take care of them…for me.

Firstly, there’s work – no peaceful Christmas time for us, as for all the clients we have to sum up the year (which means 3-5 hour meetings) and already plan ahead the next year (which means a lot of work creating media strategies and helping them plan their budgets). Not so surprisingly, all of them want all of that at basically the same time…

Secondly, there’s still the ongoing project of finding a new home. I will not even go into this matter… too frustrating. When I finally have success…then I’ll let everybody know.

Thirdly….i have taken up moviemaking:) You know, actually filming and editing the material. Necessity brought on the need to learn it but it turns out to be really cool. I am, by all means, an amateur, so don’t come asking for wedding or birthday movies. I do it only for myself (or for some really-really good friends:)

Fourthly, let’s not forget that this time of year is densely filled with various parties and other kind of social gatherings, which need attending. Plus there’s the dating life which somehow still keeps itself active.

And last, but not least, there’s the enforced shopping activity – I love giving presents to my loved ones but finding them is a serious pain in the ass.

Monday, December 12, 2005

First times

There have been a few…Come to think of it, in everybody’s lives there’s almost innumerable quantity of first times. Everything that you do and have ever done…has once been a first-time experience…There are some first times, which are nice and pleasant, the others less so but in most of the cases, the ones that we choose to remember, are at least the interesting ones. Here’s my list of memorable first times… in no particular order, as the experiences in itself are pretty much incomparable …and may I add, the list is under construction…for I tend to “firsttime” more things on a daily basis:) (these are the ones I remembered now)

first kiss – I mean a real one, with a bit of tongue and touching and so on – that was nice. Surprisingly enough it came very naturally and was pleasant without any former practice. And it was special for me, for it was at a new year’s party.
first time standing up and walking on your own 2 feet, and I mean literally – this one I don’t remember of course, for I was about one year old, but I wish I would, because I’m sure it felt wonderful and liberating.
…"the first time" – by this I mean sex, naturally. That was nice too. I am not one of the people who can say that it was absolutely great and that it didn’t hurt a bit and so on, but I was old enough to know that it was just the beginning and from there on it was only going to get better.
first time having your heart broken – that sucked big time. This is something to wish for your worst enemy…if you can actually hate anybody that much. It hurt a lot. And even with all the reasoning and practical thinking, it felt like the end of the world and made me ponder about the meaning of life. And it took a lot of time to get over it…and deep down, I’m not sure if you ever can get over it 100%.
first time standing on your own 2 feet – figuratively speaking:). Moving away from my parents, to another city, getting a job, living in a crappy little place for a while – that was a bit scary. I knew I’d manage, and I did but there were a couple of nightmares and a bit of fear but it passed really fast.
first time feeling competent and confident at your job. I think I’ve always been pretty self-confident and it has helped me a lot, but at times I also hide the insecurities. I think it took around 2 years to actually have the feeling of justified confidence – to feel competent and know that you actually are. And that felt great.
first time losing somebody and facing the concept of mortality. I was in my teenage years when my grandparents started to pass away – one after the other with not so long intervals. They were old and it was a natural thing but it still hurt a lot. And it still does when I think of them and think of the good times and think of how much more I would have liked to talk to them and ask them about their lives – had I only known the right questions already back then…
first bad hangover – that was after my high school graduation party…I felt awfully bad, the colour of my face was grayish-green, I wanted to lay down and just die but instead I had to be sociable and talk to some relatives, plus go to shops to buy myself a present.... And because of that hangover and up to present day I have still not reconciled with martini, even though it was not the only guilty one.

I guess there are more I could write about but as these are the first ones that came to my mind, they must be the more important ones… now… what I am interested in, is… which are yours??

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Sometimes I get what I want. You know, I go after it and get it. At times it’s because I think I choose to want the things I believe I can get. And at times it means facing challenges. The difficulty of the challenge is very hard to predict, but the harder it is, the more rewarding it is to overcome it.

Now, getting what you want is like a double-edged sword. First the good feeling of success is satisfactory and you end up feeling content or even happy for a while. But then…you start wanting more. Suddenly one happy moment or day is not enough and you want the bliss to continue. I guess it applies in most of the situations – you get a raise and are happy with your new salary but soon you discover you start needing more money…or you think you’d be absolutely happy to have a week of holiday but when it’s over you want more…or you think you’d be the happiest person on planet to find your own flat but should you finally get it you probably also need a car…or like in the songs people say that they could die for only one night with somebody special…when in reality, they also want more.

Why is it that we want so much more all the time? I wish I had the ability to want less, to be able to cherish the moments of happiness…but I don’t think this is something that can be learned, is it?

“Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.” Coelho

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Egypt reloaded

The holiday week passed as an instant …but like an instant packed of emotions and energy and events…(what’s up with the E-words?:) The actual sequence of the events is probably not so important, so I just write about the most important keywords…(all the rest – the partying, lots of fun, the local shopping/bargaining etc – is a given).

The Sun

Coming from freezing cold Estonia and being greeted by the warm Egyptian sun feels absolutely rewarding. Being able to go through a whole week baretoed, wear sunglasses and summerdresses and actually get a suntan and freckles…all that in the middle of winter is scarce.

The Red sea Been there, seen all that before, and yet, every time I put my mask on and my face into the water, it amazes me - the beauty, the colours, the perfect visibility. The water is always around 25 degrees C and when you swim virtually amidst all the colourful fish and corals, you feel like you’re in a big aquarium.

My first time diving

So I did it, the diving intro. To be honest, I thought I’d hate it. You know, did it just to prove I’ve done it…But guess what, I loved it. Before going in I had the butterflies of somewhat scary excitement. First there was the feeling of discomfort because of the pressure in the ears…well, it’s a bit of an understatment, as it felt like my head was gonna burst, but once I got the stabilizing working …oh my god, the feeling of weightlessness and the 3D sensation, the fish, the water, looking up and seeing sun high above through the water…so, when I got out the butterflies were even stronger but this time, of pure excitement. I guess it helped that I had the best instructor ever (not that I’ve met many:) because in this business, when you are offering people the chance of such an amazing “first-time-sensation”, you gotta be professional and calm and love the job yourself.

My first time climbing the Moses mountain

Now here’s something different. Imagine climbing a mountain in total darkness, road lit only by torches, at 2 o’clock at night, 3 hours, 6 kilometers, 1,5 km in height, and the further up you reach, the colder it gets. And once you get up there – cold, exhausted and start waiting for the sunrise…well, I believe you’re already able to actually SEE Moses:) But the sunrise was worth it, moreover, the “hero” feeling you get was worth it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shukran, my friends, it was wonderful

Photo by: Liina

My holiday’s over and finally I have had my 13-hour long sleep to recover from “the holiday”:) It still amazes me how many experiences and emotions and events you can fit in one week, when in “normal life” the week could pass by, almost unnoticed. I had lots of fun, sun, sea, parties, good food, met some great new people and had at least 2 or 3 “did-it-for-the-first-time” experiences. (hmmm…I think I have to write a longer post about the “first times”, as it is an interesting topic.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I need a break...

…so I’m going to Egypt for a week. Blazing sun, amazing Red sea, sweetest waterpipes and most annoying bargaining culture are waiting. I’ve been there once, let’s see what’s different this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about my adventures there. My heart will stay with the people at home but my body will just enjoy the warmth and my mind will rest…

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

People letting you down

…this blog is developing like a tangent curve – happy note, sad note, happy, sad…. Last one was happy, guess what this one is?

I’ve been let down. It’s not work-related, nor is it about my personal life, per se. It’s something in between the 2. It’s about organizing a thing and being sure that everything has been agreed on and then finding out 4 days before the “thing” that the agreement doesn’t stand and you’re in deep shit.

I tend to believe in people and to trust them and generally I expect people not to break promises. You know what I mean? I try to always keep my promises and if that is impossible for some reason, I go out of my way to make it right and I more or less die of the guilt. It’s the same thing with running late on a meeting or being unable to help my friends or whatever. So, that’s what I expect from the rest of the world too. I cannot respect people who light-heartedly run late all the time or fail to keep the deadlines or don’t pay their debts on time or break their promises. And so what if things like that happen all the time… does that mean I have to take it as a norm? I don’t think so!

I know the situation I’m referring to is not entirely one person’s fault but I can’t help but feel sad and let down and disappointed…

Monday, November 21, 2005

Let him entertain us

So i got up early on Saturday morning, because the RW tickets' general sale started. Of course...the internet sites were too busy, and me at my home and N at her home wer both trying to buy the tickets. Corresponding with eachother via msn and phone, sharing the frustration. I was already getting used to the idea, that it'd never work, but kept trying anyway. Somehow N managed to enter the page but had troubles paying by her creditcard. So we used mine ...and all worked (it only took around 3 hours:)... and now we are the proud owners of RW tickets... and guess what, only 8 months to go til the concert:)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

On the verge

I must apologise for not having written anything. Work has taken over..... I try to improve myself at the end of this week....right now.... my energy and intellect is needed elsewhere...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is a bit of an outburst…You see, I am a proud member of And it’s not as simple… I had to pay to “belong”. I don’t really mind the money (I do get a t-shirt also:), because supposedly it should bring along benefits. For instance, today I received the info and possibility to buy tickets to Robbie’s next tour – all this 10 days before the rest of the world. Sadly enough…IT DIDN’T WORK…I tried and tried and juggled countries and dates all over Europe, as if choosing a chocolate bar at a candy store. Tried UK and Germany…couldn’t even access the pages. Tried Amsterdam… it sold out while I was filling out my form, tried France…they don’t seem to accept Estonia as a country (stupid French), tried Milan…selected the tickets and got as far as submitting…only to be greeted with the well-known “this page cannot be displayed…bla-bla-bla”. Same story with Sweden. The page is just too busy!!!

Robbie’s one of the artists (and there aren’t many) that I NEED to see performing live, with my own eyes. I will keep trying to buy now and keep on trying when the official sales commence and if it does not work, I will write to Robbie himself and ask for tickets:) Anyways…anyone thinking of what to give me for a Christmas present;)? The tickets are very welcome….

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Life as a man

This week has got me thinking about my life as a woman. (And seems i am not the only one, read also what Peon has to say about it.)

With girls we’ve discussed several times the pros and cons of being a woman. Prevalent cons are the “having-to-go-through-the-pain-of-giving-birth” thing and the monthly thing and the fact that women are still underpayd compared to men...and and and...there are so many more. The pros of being a woman include for instance that we have a wider variety of clothing options, that we can control (and hide;) our sexual excitment better, hence we’re more in control in a way....and...that’s about it really. Despite of everything, i have always been content with being a woman and rather thought it’s a better variant out of the two and never really pondered about the possbililty of life as a man, aside from the occasional thought of how i’d spend one day as a man (fyi, i’d try to seduce a girl and have sex with her, go to gym and shower and listen to guys’ talk in sauna, probably measure my equipment:).

Lately, though, i’ve thought about how my life would be better as a man. You see, being smart and educated and successful is highly appreciated also in women in modern world, and wanting a career is for long not only men’s prerogative... and yet, there are so many guys (perfectly nice and smart and funny guys) who rather find a partner who is below their level, who is probably a really sweet person (sometimes even not that) but doesn’t give the impression of being as smart or as funny or _ _ _(fill in the gap yourself) as the guy himself or his friends. It really makes me wonder, what do they talk about with one another? Do they talk at all? If not, what keeps them together? In one of the Tony Parsons books a male character expresses his mind on the topic, saying somthing like “men don’t want the copy of themselves as a partner”. And if that is true, then i’m in trouble. I’m not saying i am exceptionally clever or doing too well or or or... but generally people in my friend circles (including the humble me) are all of the formerly mentioned – educated and doing fairly well on their jobs and so on. That got me thinking that i would definitly be a “good catch” as a man, yet i don’t see a queue of eligible bachelors at my door:) ...and yet, still, however and nevertheless i prefer to be a woman...go figure:)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Never a bestselling author

I’m currently reading this book by Belle de Jour…called “The Intimate Adventures of a London Callgirl”…and I am constantly amazed by the similarities I’m finding. Ok, she’s a callgirl and has numerous strange sexperiences on a weekly basis…BUT, that aside, the resemblances are remarkable. She’s constantly expressing my thoughts!

The book is written in blog style (an yes, it differs from regular diary style) and she’s probably around the same age as me and maybe I’m bound to find similarities in the way of thinking and lifestyle… On one hand, it’s fun to read it and go: “Exactly!”, “Yes, I’ve thought the same.”…and so on. But, on the other hand, she has expressed thoughts on topics about which I have a) also written about already, b) have been planning to write or c) would like to write. I guess there goes my chance of ever publishing a book:)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Part of my soul

For the record, yesterday was the first day I noticed Christmas stuff in shops. C’mon people…it’s still October and just a bit too early for all that, don’t you think? I’m not much of a fan of the approaching cold winter and really long and really dark nights…but given there is no escape from it anyway, there are a couple of things that make it all a bit more bearable. For instance, you can light the candles and vanillascented incense, put on a Buena Vista Social Club record and read a good book. Even more perfect would be to cuddle with somebody and watch a good movie and do all the other things you can do if the movie is boring, for instance;)

Still… on a related topic to weather and BVSC…On Friday evening I had the chance to watch the fabulos Lady Salsa show, which was 2 hours of absolutely perfect dancing performances through the whole Cuban dance and music history. The way those dancers moved was unreal. I know they’re professional dancers but you can never ever make an Estonian move like that, even after years of training. Add to that the music and the passion and temperament…it’s just mesmerizing. And it made me wonder, why wasn’t I born in Cuba or somewhere alike…I admit that part of my soul is really northern but there’s a tiny part which is not, and is always longing to go to places far from here and is drawn to latin music and dancing…and this part has been longing to go somewhere for a long while now…

…but today was nice – it was sunny outside and there are still lots of colourful leaves on the trees, there was no wind and the city was beautiful…and the candles are lit, the music is playing and the book is waiting…

Friday, October 28, 2005


Sometimes it is not Monday that is blue but it’s the Friday which is not even just blue or green or any other colour, but really fucked up. You can go through a perfectly normal, even good, week and then… Your partners fail to keep the deadlines, which makes you miss yours’ which creates you even more work and you have to spend the whole day clearing up some mess and trying to make the best out of a whole pile of bullshit. All the little problems suddenly creep up from the holes where they’ve been hiding, and Friday (supposedly the easy day of the workweek) turns into a nightmare. Add to that some personal unpleasantries…like a flashback from history, a stupid sms which should not have been sent the night before and not enough sleep because of the Cosmo party…and you get a really cranky me…who bites, when poked...

…so, Mr Friday wisely stays away…

…on a more positive note…it’s S’s birthday, and I’m so sorry I cannot see her in person and hug her on this special day…

Monday, October 24, 2005

Well-behaved girl

I’ve been a good girl. Last week was… no alcohol (except for that one glass of red wine on Friday evening, which some of my careful readers would definitely point out:), lots of training (painful at first, but I got used to it), no parties (I know it’s possible to party without alcohol, but I wasn’t ready to try it out last week), almost healthy diet (you can only eat “almost healthy” when the weekend includes a visit to parents), worked a lot, visited friends, had a date, slept a lot during the weekend, finished reading my Robbie book…

…and the result? Life without alcohol is possible. Even life without parties is possible…but it’s not exactly for me… it’s like… sth is missing. I think going to dance at a party once a week should be normal and acceptable even for well-behaved girls like myself;) Let’s see, maybe this week I try it without alcohol….


My little brother has a birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU....and so on. The shocking news is that my little brother is not so little any more. He's 18!!! That means he can buy beer, go to nightclubs and even run for local town coucil, if he should choose to want to do that... Sth is terribly wrong wih this picture. He is my LITTLE brother an yet i might bump into him in some parties really weird...

Friday, October 21, 2005

I think we're stupid

We tend to forget painful situations in our lives, or rather – the pain and hurt itself. Time heals. I think you never really forget the situation and the fact that somebody or something has hurt you, but you forget the overwhelming sensation of hurt and you forget the crying-your-heart-out and so on. They say (who are they, btw?) that it’s the defense mechanism of human organism. It’s the reason why women still have children after giving birth to one baby and why women or men forgive their partners cheating and why new relationships are still formed after bad breakups and why most of the people don’t kill themselves after the death of somebody dear.

We cry, we’re broken for a while, we hate the ones who’ve heart us, we hate the world and we think things will never get better. And yet we cope, at some point we dry our tears, we forgive the world, we start to believe our friends telling us that it will be better and finally we are able to forgive the people who’ve hurt us. It’s because we rather remember the good memories and the decent features in people.

Lately somebody from my not so distant past told me that he realizes that he’s been a real jerk to me and that he wants to make it up to me… And, I have no idea what to think of it…

"If they can’t get close enough to hurt you, they can’t get close enough to love you." - Unknown

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Isn't it ironic

You know that song Ironic, by Alanis Morissette? Well, today, life or the universe or whatever, found an ironic way of showing me how I cannot eat my cake and have it too. What do I have to do if I must choose between 2 good things? The decision cannot wait, either… i’m really bad at this…

Edit: I made the we just have to wait and see if i'll regret it or if it'll bring sth good along..

Monday, October 17, 2005


Photo by: Aivo
This story is called "How to fit 3 parties in 1 weekend" a.k.a. "3in1"

At first Friday didn’t seem promising at all…I was so tired that I had to sleep a couple of hours before the night could start. Slowly we (PM, A, S and myself) started recuperating and warming up. Some food, some drinks, some Kylie Minogue last tour DVD watching, some make-up and sexy clothes and off we went to Club Angel. Ain’t no better place for partying with your own gang, than a gay club. I have written about the charms of gay clubs before… and I have to repeat – the best music for dancing, good drinks and lots of glamorous people. And, it’s probably the only place where (given that the style of the party is Hollywood stars) you can see a guy dressed as Tom Cruise in the famous dancing scene of Risky Business:) So, we danced til 4 and had a seriously good time.

Sadly enough…no time for sleeping long, like it should be appropriate after a long night out. Me and S headed for Tartu. This time I recuperated at my parents’ place – some sleep and a lot of eating. And then I had to go to a party again. I mean… I really HAD to, because I was supposed to meet people. S couldn’t accompany me this time, coz she fell ill – she’s probably not tough enough for this kind of lifestyle:) The party could have been wonderful, as the music was good, but I just couldn’t find my party animal…so I talked to people for the whole night, which was nice, actually. I still managed to stay til around 3, go figure.

Sadly enough…no time for sleeping long:) Had to head back to Tallinn…as another celebration was waiting for me. But I knew that one was not to miss. It was a birthday party of 2 very creative guys. It started at 1 o’clock…in the zoo:) The party was called “Let the animal out”. Now, picture around 50 people…dressed in animal costumes…seriously – cats and dogs and pigs and bees and flies and giraffes and camels and so on…it really was a sight for sore eyes…After a tour in the zoo we had a trolley to take us to the center of town, where, in teams of 5 or 6 we had a competition which included a digital camera, running around in old town, a bit of getting naked, some drinking and lots of interaction with “normal people” on the streets. I’d be surprised if some of us don’t end up in some TV news report or newspaper. And I’m really surprised htat none of us ended up in police station, though there were some close contacts with the police officers…all in all, the party was a really good fun!

And the result? A really tired poor lil’ ME having to get through the blue-blue Monday…

This is not a resolution

If weekend fails to serve one of it’s (I believe main) purposes – to get a good rest and be ready for a new week full of work and responsibilities, should it still be called weekend? Or is it just another part of the week?

S asked me the other day if I really go out every weekend? She said she hadn’t been out to party in a long while already. And it got me thinking… Do I? And you know what, i do, actually. Whenever I don’t have some kind of a party situation either on Friday or Saturday, there seems to be something missing... Weekend usually has 2 days and so did the last weekend…and yet, I managed to fit 3 parties into that short time…(noting that with really surprised and somewhat puzzled expression).

I’m not a kind of girl that tends to make resolutions of any kind (and this is not one) but I think I try to live a more “healthy life” for a while. I mean – more sports, healthy food, more sleep, less parties, less alcohol. It should be possible, right? See, if I have more energy then to go through the long autumn. Maybe I find out that it’s just the opposite, that the lifestyle I’m leading right now actually gives me energy…We shall see!

(Short overview of the weekend is still coming a bit later:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Silja’s coming to town. It’s been a while since I last saw her or really talked to her, though we’re in contact almost on a daily basis. I know she’s got a bit of a London depression right now…so she’s gonna get the full Estonian treatment, which means using all the services which are cheaper here – beauty salon, hairdresser etc; going to parties without wasting enormous sums on taxi and entrance and drinks; having girlie talks about everything and nothing; getting updated about the latest Estonian gossips; being spoiled by her mum; eating pelmeni, rosolje, cloudberry yoghurt, kohuke and sefiir; drinking Vana Tallinn and vodka (preferably not in the same drink:); meeting the good-old-friends and so on and so forth…

Edit: So, she arrived thursday night...which means we had to stay up late and go through the most important aspects of our lives and some other people's lives....which means i have slept for 4 hours...

Monday, October 10, 2005


I don’t have so much to say about the weekend, though it was a perfectly good one. I just don’t know what exactly to point out. But since it was still worth remembering it’s better to clear my own thoughts and note a couple of things down, coz my own memory can be shit sometimes.

First there was Friday evening – office-opening party of Imagine/Pulp – met some new people, ate and drank, smoked some waterpipe (oh, and Nika called, which was a really nice surprise). Had a good time. In many ways quite similar to our office parties:)…and quite similarly to our office parties we ended up going to a nightclub – BonBon. We were discussing the phenomenon of that club while at the party and also the whole weekend after that:) The entrance costs too much and it is still packed with people and so badly that at some point there’s no room to dance…or even move around in the club and all the oxygen is gone…hate it…ok, for about 15 minutes the music was really good. Every time I go there I promise not to go back but it still somehow happens…for my own defence I can say that I have always been forced to go and I’ve never paid for the ticket. Well, I also had a quite nice bumping-into-somebody-from-the-past-who’s-quite-cute and as he was suffering the same symptoms of not really liking the party, we could whine about it together:) and share a cab home later (both to their own homes:)

Saturday was about making my home prettier (well, clean up a little) and making myself prettier (all the things for myself that I have no time for during the week). Wishing happy birthday to Pusa in the evening – the upstairs of Africa is really adorable – but too knackered for staying out late.

And Sunday, a bit of working out and shopping and a lot of Robbie Williams book…I’m about to finish it and getting a bit nervous, as it is my last book from the pile I brought last time from London.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Keepin' it real

I wanna escape to unreality, i wanna get lost in it. I wanna go travelling or get a secret lover or sit at home and read books or watch movies or be a student again or start taking swing lessons or learn a new language or become a popstar or take up volunteer work somewhere abroad or ...or...or...

I don't wanna think about work problems all the time and even dream about them, don't wanna be stuck in this climate, don't wanna feel responsibility, don't wanna think about what other people think of me if i do one thing or another....don't wanna be so stuck in REAL.

I know i'm being childish and i know this feeling will pass....but sometimes being childish is the only escape....

‘Yeah. There’s that as well. All that keep-it-real crap that people say. “Keep it real.” You’ve heard that, haven’t you? Real’s crap. Real’s boring. Real’s real. Why don’t we all keep it unreal for a bit? What do you think? Keep it unreal…Look where real’s got us…’ – Robbie Williams

Thursday, September 29, 2005


My London network is developing. I have a really good friend living there for what…a couple of years already, another friend has been living there for about half a year. And now….yet another good friend is moving to Lnd, which is in a way bad (I will miss him) but in a way good (another friend to meet up in Lnd).

Plus I heard from my Mexican friend that his father just opened a Mexican restaurant in London called Mestizo. So, whenever I go to Lnd, I am very welcome at that place. And Mexican food is delicious…..

But what is this all about? Why’s everybody moving to London? Is London like a city equivalent for what USA is as a country? Is London the city of all possibilities? What is it that draws people to London these days? It isn’t the weather, that’s for sure – for that you’d go somewhere more south, it’s not the cheap living costs – you’d pick some less westernized country, I think it’s not even the best party places – for that I think Madrid would be better. It has to be work then, I guess. Big business! Money! A guy from New Zealand once pointed out that he would never choose London as a place to live, but the money is just too good! So he works a couple of months and travels, works again and travels some more…

I like to visit London – go shopping, go out with friends, spend hours in bookstores, travel by tube, walk around, talk to people, make some photos, read a book at some park, spend some time at Portobello market, bump into celebrities:), enjoy the endless diversity of people, and basically, just have fun – but I am not entirely sure if I could ever really live there…
Having written all that I realized that I miss London and I think I should really book some flights and go and take another look at the city of all possibilities:)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Strange feeling

Do you know that awful feeling of getting sick – dizzy head, sore throat, wet eyes, sleepy etc? And, have you experienced that it usually happens before an important client meeting or at the time you are busiest at work or when you have a date ahead or sth alike – at the time you absolutely cannot allow yourself to get sick? I felt it yesterday (and today a little). It makes me wonder if it is really so directly connected to the stress level and how could it be possible to avoid it? There are periods with such a workload that it would be amoral to fall ill but if this is exactly what IS causing the illness…then we have a vicious circle…

I am absolutely sure that most of our illnesses are caused by our own thoughts…and can be avoided the same way, but I am really bad at controlling my stress level…I have also noticed that people are not ill when they are happy… and vice-versa – you have a bad breakup or you are in a bad relationship and poof! you’re ill…you are unhappy with your work and poof! you’re on sick leave all the time…

I am very rarely ill…so what does that mean? I am happy? I am not unhappy? I take stress well? One thing I do know – I hate being sick! Hope the illness goes back to wherever it came from and stays there….i plan to be healthy!…this weekend and later too!

"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." - Jerome K. Jerome

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The final countdown

On Friday we thought the best idea is to catch the very last glimpse of sun and sea and headed for Portoroz again. Bathed in sun a bit, chilled on a terrace of Nika’s friend and headed home. This time with a concrete plan to hitchhike home coz transport in Slovenia is not as cheap as you might think. Anyways…5 minutes and we were already in a car on our way to Lju…and it got even better, as the car took us straight home…as it appeared, the guy lived very close to where we were based. Incredible! In the morning we payed 2800 tolars and spent 2,5 hours in a bus (plus about 0,5 hour going to the center). And in the evening we paid 0 and spent 1,5 hours in a car:)

In the evening we went to have pina coladas in Ursula, talked about Estonian and Slovenian economy, met the Portuguese guys again, went to a nightclub Global, which was full of babes (I don’t understand, are babes a nation on their own? Wherever you go, they’re there!), Nika went home earlier, I stayed and had a good time with Portugal, experienced the heaviest rain I have seen in quite a while and finally took a taxi home.

On Saturday I finally wrote my postcards, bought some local delicacies, had a wonderful lunch in Romeo, did some packing, slept, watched Ice age, went out again – As, Global, more fun with Portugal, traditional Slovenian “after-party-at-5-in-the-morning-snack” called burek and back home. Slept for 3 hours, did some more packing, went to airport, said the goodbies and headed home…Ljubljana-Berlin-Tallinn… and home I was… the end of a wonderful experience!

The three S

Wednesday was the sad day of Ruth leaving which doesn’t mean that we were sad. Using Ruth’s own words: “Why would I be sad if I have had such a wonderful experience. I am happy.” We had another Lju city tour, visited the castle, had a virtual tour through centuries, learned that Ljubljana means “The beloved”, was once called Emona and dates back to the Greek myth of Jason and Agronauts, but most of the buildings are from around 1600… something.

Afternoon brought yet another, this time final, Slovenian food attack, and this almost killed me. Katja was cooking – everything was delicious – and the result was a belly as big as 5 months pregnant…

In the evening Erasmus student party in KMS, where I felt like a kid in a candy store – so many goodlooking boys from all the different countries for all the different tastes – that finally you are unable to choose and loose the appetite…We danced a lot until it was high time to literally RUN to the train station and send Ruth away... After that, back to the party, danced some more, met three Portuguese guys, who all look like football players to me. Maybe, coz so far the only Portuguese I knew, were the football players.

Thursday, the three S day – shopping, which also qualifies as sports and salad, only the third S was missing. Met the Portuguese guys again – their names are Nuno, Bernardo and Paulo:)…. I’m tellin’ you – like footballers… learned the correct way of pronouncing Barrichello…and that pretty much summed it up.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Swingin' 60s

Tuesday was lazyday – we drove off to catch the last bits of sunshine in Portoroz. Topless on our own private dock, chilling and cherry sensation. Afterwards, seafood lunch in an adorable little town called Piran.

And in the evening – another “this-is-my-first-time-to-try-this” experience. There’s a new hype in Lju – swing. We had a private lesson of basic swing steps and then it was time to dance. Imagine a room full of boys and girls dressed up appropriately – dresses and shoes and everything – swinging the night away, doing all the jumps and spins and tricks (not us, of course, but the ones that actually could dance:) I felt like I am lost in 60’s. It was amazing. I should really import this hype to Tln.

And yet another moment of realizing how small the world is…there’s another Slovenian guy I know from last year’s SU in Turkey – Gregor… I wasn’t gonna see him coz he has a night job and for me night is the main time for meeting people:) …but suddenly, there he was, swinging like crazy! And wow, that boy can really dance. It was a great coincidence indeed…I was so glad to see him!

(About coincidence) “The connections may be invisible but they are always there, buried just beneath the surface.” - Dan Brown

The fast way of life

Monday morning saw 3 girls bustling around Nika’s new washing machine, trying to connect all the right tubes and wires – and we did it – so there’s only a couple of things left now that we need men for;)

Then it was time to go and check out the caves – coz, as everybody kept telling us – “You have to see the caves! You must!” The caves were beautiful and really big but otherwise, as all the caves. But I have to tell you that it is a strange feeling to know that you are inside a mountain…After the caves we had local wine and prsut in a little town called Vipava, met a local drunkard who spoke a mixture of languages – all incomprehensible to us:)

Oh… the funniest thing that day…have you ever met guys on highway? I can’t say I had before but now I can add that to my list of experiences. Driving at 140 km/h and giving a phone number in sign language…But we decided not to meet them, coz they were fuckers. Never trust guys in BMW. Their first sms was following: “We like the fast way of life – fast cars and fast women are for us! We are Casanovas!” So we turned the whole play against them and told them basically that they don’t call us but we call them whenever we get horny. We didn’t ( I mean …we didn’t call them).
After the long day we spent the evning in a bar called Macalonca, right at the riverbank on Ljubljanica river in Lju center – 3 hours of binladen and freewilly jokes…:)

Ne dela

Saturday brought yet another food attack, but this time in the form of cakes. In a very pleasant form:) Borut kept insisting that we have to eat some cakes in Svesda…Nika insisted in not being in the mood for cakes but when 4 of them were on the table, even she could not resist and finally there were 5 of them:)

Then Borut had to go back to Zagreb and we took a train with him…going halfway – to Nika’s hometown – Sevnica. Small town, approximately 17 000 people, 1 good bar (ok-ok, Nika, I know there’s three, but I saw just one:) and everybody knows everybody, literally! Ordered a pizza, drank tequila, ate some salt and lemon, had very deep conversation about life, went to party in Nulo-Nulo (Zero-Zero or 0:0), danced a lot, again and raised a lot of local interest… (“Who are those foreign girls with Nika, one blond and northern and one dark and southern?”)

Next day was Sunday, or Nedela, like the Slovenians call it – which is very appropriate as Ne Dela means no work. We took it word by word and went to Nika’s mum’s place on a mountain. This was the 3rd Slovenian food attack…like…how much can I take!!! So we ate, had some cakes, slept in the sunshine, had some more cakes, ate some more, had some more cakes and potica (a special local cake), rested some more, met some more family – sister and her guy and their kids… til it was time to head home…had a quiet night at home and made a resolution for the next week – to concentrate on 3S – salad, sport and sex.

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russell

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Friday brought us yet another story of how small the world really is. Borut was coming to town…So, the story is following – Borut is my friend from Croatia, who came to a Summer University in Estonia a couple of years ago, I was one of the organizers then. A year after that I went to an SU in Croatia, Borut was one of the organizer. So, me coming to Ljubljana was a great chance to see eachother again…and as it turns out – this year Borut went to an SU in Spain and our dearest Spanish girl Ruth was one of the organizers …sooooo…Borut now came to see both of us:)

Ok, we picked up Borut in train station – gave him a loud and warm greeting…went to eat in šestisa – place where you can eat some traditional Slovenian food. Now, pay attention here!!….this was the first time (of many to follow) where Slovenians tried to kill us with their food…See, the food is good and there’s always a lot of it…

Friday evening we had a European night – we were 8 people from 4 countries – Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain…drinkin sangria, Vana Tallinn, some local liquers and talkin, havin fun, listening to Borut’s crazy stories – he’s hilarious!

And later, off we went to a bar/nightclub called AS, which basically means ace but you might as well call it Ass. Why, you ask:) See, the place was packed and the only way some guys were trying to make contact was touching your ass when you were trying to walk past them. Lots of ass connection I tell you. But actually I think As was my favourite of the Lju nightclubs – I liked the place, the music, the mojitos were perfect and we danced the whole night so that sweat was dropping from our hot bodies to the floor…Oh, btw, they’re gonna have the TV show called Bar filmed in As and I think it has started by now..


So I am back home and as you can see I had no chance to write in my blog for a long while… time flies when you are having fun…and FUN I had, lots and lots of it. I am gonna write about all my happenings…hopefully there are some people interested in my stories. I know at least 3 people who will read every little piece of it:) and that makes it all worth it..

Friday, September 09, 2005


Eh, it's been what...3 days or just 2? and so much to write about...i wish i could get my MMS thingy in my phone working, coz you picture says more than 1000 words..or sth like that.

We are one bunch of crazy girls and with crazy girls good/crazy things happen... on Thursday we had a daytrip to Bled and Bohinj...starting in Bohinj. Just imagine...a beautiful lake between mountains (ahhhh...i wish we had mountains in Estonia, really!), perfect weather, laying at our own little "private beach", drinking martini, laughing, gossiping, remembering the TSU. Ooh, and i heard some gossips which i didn't know yet and which never made it to the gossip diagram....veeery interesting;)

When it was time to start goint to Bled and we were waiting for the bus and waiting got boring we figured...why not hitchike ...but not really taking it seriously - coz you know, it's not so easy to hitchike with 4 people...but just for fun - why not try. And like in a couple of minutes, a van came - perfect ey? It was driven by an english guy called Gary (but we called him Pepe, he liked it:). So there he was going only to a shop to buy food for his barbeque, as his friend with broken leg was waiting for him.. .and he ended up driving us to Bled, having a special local desert with us (thanks to good sales work by Nika!) and having a good time:) Well, as a consolation we also sent a cake back to his friend and wrote a note about us being guilty coz Gary was just unable to resist us....but it was another big step in improving the international relations:)

I am really in travelling mode now ... takin it easy and just going with the flow and seeing what life has to offer...

Dig the city

Ljubljana greeted me with smiling, jumping and yelling Nika and Urska...well, it was a bit hard for me to match their energy:) So i had just a bit of rest and off we went already to zoom in Ljb.

Ljubljana gives me the feeling that i've already been here. Maybe coz it is a bit of a mixture of citites - there's a bit of Amsterdam going on with the river and the houses and little cafes right above it and a bit of Warsaw...(dunno why, though:) and i think a bit of some small southern European cities' feeling.

Had my first look at the city, and since we discovered our 2nd traveller - Ruth from eSpain;) - was only to arrive at about 2 o'clock at night we just had to find the nicest way to spend the we headed to a place called Skeleton - where you get 2 coctails for the price of 1;)...yehaaa...bit of drinking, chatting and time went by flying...oh, and then a bit of dancing in another place called Baileys ...picking up Ruth at the train station....and off to be ready for whatever was waiting for us...

Slovenia - getting there

This is my travel diary from Slovenia, filling you in on my adventures here in the South-Eastern part of Europe.

So i have been travelling for sth like 3 days now and a lot has happened already. You know how it is with travelling... in normal life you can go 3 days without anything really happening, anything worth mentioning... but while travelling, things start happening, people start appearing and suddenly there are all the stories...

On tuesday evening i took a plane to Berlin (after working till 7, rushing home, packing and rushing to the airport). For future reference ... Schoenefeld airport is not the best place for staying the night. The benches are metallic, uncomfortable as hell, and the whole airport is so "well" airconditioned that you can freeze your toes off... making it absolutely impossible to sleep there. Luckily enough i had my first "meeting-new-people-all-the-time-while-travelling" moment and i found a sardinian guy Mauro, to spend the night with:) He had been, as it turned out, living in Estonia for a year and we had a lot to talk about...

The next morning, when already flying to Slovenia, provided me with another situation, that one of my Dutch friends would call "the Estonian way" - which means getting things for free without asking:) Was sitting next to a boy of about 18 and his father, chatted a little bit and ended up getting a ride from the airport to center of Ljubljana:) ...exchanged contacts...turns out the father is a president and CEO of a computer company...and found use for the first bottle of Vana Tallinnn - just as a thank you for helping me...

Friday, September 02, 2005


This week has drained me of all the energy. Work-work-work-work every friikin day until 8 or 9 or 10. Is this the price I have to pay for going on a vacation next week?:) I’m so tired that even Mr Friday is staying away... and he’s my most faithful lover...

Hopefully I’m back to my old self tonite... coz there are people to meet and places to go...

...I am so tired...

“Schizophrenic is the best word - I change from day to day. I can be quite confusing. Indecisive, workaholic, and tired today.” Brian Molko

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Kullakene! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!!

Mäletad veel aegu, kus me suure osa ajast veetsime vanama-vanasa juures ja - nagu pildilt näha – ainsaks mänguasjaks olid avajad:)

Kallistused sulle!

(Head soovid ja kallistused ka T-le sünnipäeva puhul, kes küll ei loe seda, aga ikkagi)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer's gone

Just look at the weather outside and try to imagine that couple of days ago I was sitting on a beach, at night, enjoying a good company, waterpipe and beautiful Estonian nature...

I don’t wanna be a whiner, but I am seriously disturbed by the fact that summer is ending. I do like autumn and a bit of winter too but if I had to choose whether I want all the four seasons or nice weather all the time I would have to go with the latter option...

Things I really dislike, coming along with the summer ending, are:
... I have to cover up my toes and squeeze them into shoes and boots and they have to be enslaved for about 8-9 months...
... no more rollerblading...
... I have to put on some clothes even when I take out the garbage...
... it starts to get dark so early...
... waiting for a bus is a nightmare... coz it’s cold
... the sea freezes over... (and the lakes and rivers and so on)... alright, this happens a bit later...but still...
... I cannot wear my summer dresses...
…my skin will be dry…
................ and so on and on and on........... please, people, convince me I’m wrong and that there are good things coming my way with autumn and winter too!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Apartment hunt

So I am looking for a new home... and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the ass. The prices are too high and they’re not stopping, the selection sucks and I’m a picky little biatch – I do not settle for just something – I want the whole shebang (for an at least affordable price). And why should I settle, it’s my first real home we’re talking about! My expectations are high, but reasonable – for instance I don’t mind a bit of work for my own place if it need renovations, but it has to have soul and a good feeling about it – I need to WANT to live there...

Let me tell you about a couple of deal breakers I’ve come across. There are the flats, which are ruined by renovations – somebody has gone through the trouble of making it look “beautiful”... according to their own taste. Sometimes it means that old and high ceilings are hidden behind a suspended ceiling (...iiiiik) or that an old stove is covered with cyproc (like... why??). Then there was a perfectly nice place with reasonable price but since I know the owners they were honest enough to tell me that the downside of that flat is the neighbour – a woman with moustache and cats who tells you to be quiet if you happen to cough too loud... i thought women with beards only live in circus...

This is the sad reality, but I am not giving up just yet. At least I have N helping me. When we go to see some apartment, she’s the husband who asks all the right questions, leaving me the time to snoop around in the darker corners:)

"Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral." Robert Orben

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Small...small Estonia

I don’t even remember any more, how many times have I wondered about the smallness of Estonia and how everybody knows everybody here. For instance, when you meet a new guy...he’s probably “new” for the next ten minutes, or in the best case until you have access to internet and can google him. Most likely you will find out that you know somebody, who knows somebody who knows his last girlfriend.

There are 1 347 000 people living in Estonia, 193 981 of them in the agegroup 20-29, 38 559 of this age group live in Tallinn and 19 031 of them are male... i guess that is a tiny number, considering how many of them are already happily married and living a family life and not going out to clubs and pubs any more.

This saturday brought the smallness of Estonia to a whole new level. There I was in a another city, in a club in Pärnu, escaping the Tallinn nightclubs with all the familiar faces. A guy approached me and wanted to get to know me... he looked familiar, we talked, he told me his name... and then I remembered why he looked familiar... it’s because we HAD already met in a nightclub in Tallinn before. Well, I told him that and he was obvioulsy embarrased and also a bit bewildered about the whole situation as he was doing the same as me – escaping the familiar faces of home town. I guess it at least proves that I must be his type when he tries to chat me up twice:) But I did not give him my phone number, coz supposedly he should have it already from the first time we met...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mia vida

It’s getting busier at work by day...I must struggle to keep the blog thing working...

There are’s say 4 (or more) things important in my life right now – things that either are happening or need closer attention...

First, there’s work... work has always been important to me but the closer we get to autumn, the more there is to do and the more there will be long nights at the office and early mornings before big meetings.

Second, there is the continuing dating and social life season which I try to keep alive despite of the growing work load. There was a date, a perfect date, actually, with good food and good conversation and everything but the butterflies had a night off, I guess. Or maybe I don’t want any more first dates and want that one specific date to develope into a second one...dunno even myself...

Third, there’s the apartment hunt...and as the Tallinn real estate market is a really is a hunt and finding exactly what I’m looking for is hard... if not entirely impossible.

Fourth, there’s friends who I want to give more attention. N and A I see every day, but I cannot remember when was the last time I actually DID something together with them, like going out or sth. PM I haven’t even seen for ages. Hopefully tomorrow is the night to make it all better, coz friends are precious and should not be taken for granted.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Le weekend

Weekend brought me 2 crazy parties, lots and lots of funnnnn, aching muscles and at least 3 blue marks on my legs, some new people, couple of deep realizations and eventually blue Monday.

First there was a crazy-wicked-strange party on Friday night. It rocked! Everything was quite as promised – videodisco, shining clothes and makeup and lots of dancing. The party was crazy, we looked wicked and the strange part was eating “räim tomatis” at 5 in the morning. The next day was mostly spent for recovering and not much happened until the night when Lament came on and rocked the house (or rather – the yard). But the party did not come even close to the one on Friday.
The aching muscles and the blue marks came from riding a mechanical bull and falling off from it... it always looks so easy and harmless in the movies... but try doing it in real life!
The new people... hmm... the only one worth mentioning is Väike-Kaarel, who was unbelievably funny – a real natural talent!
The realizations... well, the first one – I think I should drink less but there are some people who should probably not drink at all – coz they go absolutely psycho with a bit of alcohol. The second one – some guys are whores and they’re usually beyond repair, which means the best thing to do is stay as far away from them as possible. The third one is a re-realization, coz I knew it already before – it’s that my colleagues are absolutely great to party with!

Friday, August 12, 2005

It's Mister Friday Night coming with another line...

Mr (imaginary) friend for years already. Almost every Friday he creeps up to me and starts whispering things in my ear. Tellin me about parties and drinks and the weekend starting and so on... Mr Friday has magical powers – he makes the radio stations play party songs, he makes people happier, he gets the party mood going...but he also takes away all the will to work, he abolishes ability of concentration...and he almost never has the patience to wait until Friday evening, like an eager student he’s usually on-spot already in the morning. I guess he’s a frequent visitor to many people but I do believe I have a special relationship with him as he sometimes also pops by on Thursdays or Wednesdays or even Tuesdays.

This Friday brings microphone hair-do, sparkling clothes, platform shoes and all the rest of the absolutely necessary accessories for Disco.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Baby boom

Everybody’s having babies. What’s up with that? And I mean everybody...First it’s the women, who you notice first as they obviously go through some physical changes and they leave work and so on. There are soon-to-be-mothers among my friends and acquaintances, colleagues and somehow so many among the business clients.

And then there are the men, maybe even your ex-boyfriends or the ones you fancied during school years or university and who you cannot picture having babies. At least not with some other women:) The men are harder to notice, considering they don’t grow a baby belly (never mind the beer muscles, which in some cases start developing already in the early twenties), they don’t have to leave work and they usually don’t tell half the world about it. About the men you hear from other people or you suddenly see them walking around next to a pregnant woman or a little kid and a woman.

I guess it must be the age...the “must-have-your-first-baby-and-finally-settle-down-and-not-party-so-hard-any-more” age. But, if it really is the age...I wonder what is the matter with me? I really do not feel like having babies yet. It’s such a cliché but I think I’m not ready yet.

By the way, even my flatmate got a baby. Well, a dog baby, a little boxer – to be precise – but a baby nevertheless... who, I must say, is absolutely adorable. So I guess that makes me a part-time mama too. At least with that one I don’t have to leave work or go all mad about the pregnancy:)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Yesterday I stepped into a music shop to listen to a couple of records and you know... just take a look at what is all there that I am not buying...

...when I walked out of the shop I had a new Jamiroquai record in a little plastic bag and the biggest smile on my face... sometimes shopping can really bring satisfaction...

Take a listen to the song Dynamite...and try to get through the rest of this day...
for me it’s a perfect Friday night song! (But bare in mind that Jamiroquai is not for downloading or copying. Go and get your own from the shop:)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Trippin' people are returning

A arrived yesterday... after being away for 5 weeks. N arrives today... haven’t seen her in 3 weeks, I guess.

...all those stories to tell and stories to hear...hugs to hug and emotions to share...

So it seems that the holiday season is ending. And, am I glad that I still plan to have a 2-week getaway in September:)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Dating season

When was the last time you had a date? A real date date? Maybe even a first date? I mean, the whole shebang – setting a time, meeting up, having a drink/coffee, talking about each other’s jobs, siblings, schools, hobbies etc, walking home together, having butterflies...?

One of the last times I had something like this was actually not with a guy but with 2 new people – a boy and a girl – who I can consider my friends by now. That one was easy, no pressure, no expectations, just plain joy of finding people who see the world similarly to you and who’s humour suits you.

Real dating, on the other hand, is not so easy. There’s a whole range of problems – the ‘do I look ok problem’, the ‘does he like me & do I like him’ problem, the ‘where to go’ problem, the ‘shall we ever see each other after this one’ problem and on goes the list. Generally I agree with what a friend of mine (an unrecognized Greek philosopher:) has said about first dates...
“I don’t like the idea of a first date. It means that you don’t know the other person very well and you have to go out for a first contact, which is going to be probably a bit uncomfortable and you have to prove something. /---/ Actually, a date seems very programmed, western, too civilised for me. I don’t like the idea that a girl asks my phone number and then I have to think of a cool place to take her. And then we go there and we sit down and start talking”

...but, once-in-a-while you can have the “whole-shebang” date, which is not a headache. It’s simply nice and fun and easy and pleasant. And I’m glad I had one:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No drinking on school nights

...this used to be my policy ...coz you know how hard it is to go to work when alcohol plus not enough sleep team up. I’m not sure if it’s the summer or sth else affecting me but the rule has been broken for several times lately. Yesterday was one of the cases...

But I say I can live with a teeny-tiny hangover and slightly slower working speed if the alternative would be missing out of a great night with friends, including dinner, wine, water-pipe, hours of talking, chilling, laughing and just having funnnnnnnn! Thanks guys!

And for future reference (considering, that the weekend is not far away), listen to this very educative and absolutely hilarious story of different alcohols mixing in your
Da alcoholmix

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

'Til i find somebody

I support this theory, that when you have been romantically and emotionally strongly involved with somebody, then it takes another feeling just as strong or stronger to get really over and passed that person. I don’t mean the hurting part after sth ends or even getting on with your normal life but I mean getting so over it that you don’t even THINK about that person any more. So that your mind is so pre-occupied with the new emotion that it helps you let go of the old one. So, that even if this new one would have to end, you wouldn’t go back to thinking about the previous one...

...and... isn’t it sad to think that I still sometimes have thoughts (rare, but nevertheless) about somebody who was in my life 3 years ago?

Damien Rice
Blower’s daughter

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial

I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

I can't take my mind off of you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off of you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off youI can't take my mind...
My mind...
'Til I find somebody new

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Goodbye-s and hello-s

This SU is neverending:) In a way…On Friday we had a wild night out in Tallinn with Katja. RIFF and BonBon club were on the list. Dancing, drinking, flirting – everything that a night out should include:)

Hangover the next day was unavoidable…but once we recovered from that one, it was time to head for Tartu. (Katja is really doing the TSU again but backwards, Pärnu-Tallinn-Tartu.) Time for me to see my parents and in the evening – discover the “beauty and comfort” of Liisa's dormitory ….and party again, in Pattaya. The place is awful but the party was good. We rocked hard and screamed our lungs out when they played Bon Jovi “it’s my life” and we were singing ... “Tartu, Tallinn, Riga and Pärnuuuuuuu….Tiiii Essss Juuuuu”…had a blast...

Today…a nice coffee and cake at Wilde and it was time to say goodbye again…There surely have been many “goodbyes” lately…but the good thing is that before goodbyes there are usually always “hellos”:)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

SU in retrospect

The group

There they all are for you again – my 25 babies for 2 weeks.

I shudder to think of how good a time I had with those guys. I mean, I love my life but this kind of an escape from reality or normality is like a cherry on a milkshake... it makes it all more perfect. Each of those people was truly a personality, there’s sth I can tell about each and every one of them and there’s memories and emotions connected to many of them.

I liked the whole group dynamic and all the gossips, which were being created on a daily basis and the little jokes and sayings that formed within this SU... like:
Spanish girls saying “A’whatta happen?”
Ruth saying: “Suuuuuuuuuure! Suuuure I’m suuuuuure!”
Yorgos saying: “Tell me, tell me, tell me!”
Kornel saying: "C'mon man"
Nika saying: My wife, I love you my wife” …etc…etc…
I miss the little talks I had with so many of them – on life, love, people, human relations, sex and the city;) and so on... I also miss hearing all the different accents when speaking English – especially Pablo’s Spanglish, which was just adorable:)...and I miss going dancing in clubs with the group!

But you know what, I’m not fooling around when I say that I plan to see many of you again.

All of the photos you can also see on this page and this page.

Monday, July 18, 2005

A' whatta happen?

Is it really over? 2 weeks of bliss and all gone now:(?

I’ve had so many summer universities and it still surprises me how close you can get with people in 2 weeks when you’re together with them 24/7.

I miss you guys!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back to civilization

Seems to become bit of a norm already, to write about the happenings of 2 last days.

So we celebrated Jani, strange to do it about 2 weeks later than the actual day, but what the heck. And it turns out latvians have all the same traditions we also have for Jaanipaev - the jump over the fire, drink as much beer as possible, go to sauna, pick flowers etc - it's all connected to prospering, long life, money and for girls - getting married and seeing your future husband in your dreams. (I had no dream.) Sauna was perfect, especially together with jumping into pond... brought back the childhood memories. Oh, and then we did the wishing thing - so that you write your wish on a paper and throw it into fire and then it goes true....well i thought it was supposed to go true the next day but it turns out it applies for the whole year. But i don't think i'm interested in it going true any more:)

Then there was a bout trip on the river - nice at the beginning, wet and cold at the end:) and then we made it to Riga, finally! I've missed Riga a lot. Most of the crowd was too tired to do anything - weak! Only the Slovenian-Estonian connection (4 girls) made it to town...and we had a blast, girls night out in Riga...niiiice...very sex and the city feeling. Asking for where is club Casablanca in front of Casablanca was maybe a bit too much but it was funny alright and makes a good story.

Today the official sightseeing (i'm skipping part of it for the sake of this post:). It's nice to see that everything is quite as it's supposed to be, the dancing lady is there, the pelmeni place is still open till 4, Lido is waiting for us and the weather is perfectly hot.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lost in wilderness

It's been 2 days in Latvia, in wilderness, at this magnificent place by a lake and everything's been bueno, except for the mosquitos:)............ I dunno why but i have real trouble writing this post. Firstly i seem to have lost my language skills and secondly it seems that things have happened so fast that they haven't settled in my mind, at least not thoroughly enough to be able to write about them, yet.

The group is still great and it seems that even the more quiet people are coming out of their shells. I think the saying "Shallow waters, rocky bottom" (dunno if i got this saying correctly) has a lot of meaning in it:) You know, there are the people who are louder and who run around and dance and hug and kiss and just have FUN (pronounced as funn:) and then there are the ones who you don't really see doing all those things that much and then it just happens that they are the ones who get caught having sex with someone they've just met - go figure!

For me those last days have already been rewarding - in the sense of holiday and rest and also in the sense that i've experienced some things i've never experienced before. I will not elaborate on that one but it's just been fun. I've also had some really interesting conversations and i've realized some things about life, my own life (it's deep, isn't it:) even too deep for me).

"Maybe to have a memory, you need time for reflection, however brief, to let the memory settle and find it's place." Alex Garland

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Holiday mode

The holiday has finally started for me too... and i'm lovin it:)

Friday evening when i arrived to Pärnu it was time for another party night, this time, club Tallinn was on the list. Amazing how you can rock all night even with hip-hop music. Basically it was just a regular party but it was interesting to watch people and human behaviour in a small group. I saw some couples forming, some already breaking up and some refinding eachother again. There's some unanswered love or admiration, call it how you like and some innocent fooling around.

Some people stand out in a positive way and some in a bit less positive. For instance, there's this one guy who seems to be a sweet guy if he wasn't such a playboy. Yesterday he's behaviour was pretty disgusting as he tried sth with almost all the girls...i think he needs a wakeup call and to realize that this way he scares them all away, actually:) And then there's this one girl who seems to be "marking her territory" and playing games that she is not ready to play, emotionally. It'll be intresting to see how this all ends.

Today's been exactly how a holiday should look like. You wake up, you go to the beach, you chill, you play some wacky sports games, you laugh, you have fun, you swim, you get sunburned, you eat, you go and have a nice coffee in a good company, you rest, maybe sleep a little, you shower, you get yourself ready for the evening and then you have the Estonian final party before going to Latvia tomorrow. Well....i've done everything up to the coffee and i just have to take it from here and form the rest of the day exactly as described:)

Friday, July 08, 2005

First we take Pärnu...

So I’ll be going to Pärnu and then to Latvia together with the group. As I understand – most of the time we’ll be in the woods somewhere in the middle of nowhere but I’ll do my best to keep you posted about any new developments;)

….and then we take Latvia!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pub crawling

I dunno how much longer I can keep up with this tempo…At least I’m off work next week…
So I skipped the party on Tuesday to have energy for last night and I really needed that. Pub crawling was on the list and nightclubbing afterwards…whew…

Pub crawling was really fun as the 5 teams were doing their best to complete the wacky assignments. Some of the best examples: one of the teams managed to organize a limbo contest on the street in front of Havana…making a group of 60+ tourists take part in it. Then there was a guy who had to get waitress's number in Beer House and came back with a piece of paper – with a phonenumber and the name Enn written on it:) go figure…With the kinky cocktails in Lounge 8 probably the best one was when the Dutch guy offered the Sperm to a table full of young Estonian girls and one of them was a bit worried about getting pregnant from drinkin it..;) And I guess it takes the boldness of a Slovenian girl to walk by the biggest “rullnokk” in Nimeta and snap the pick-up line “Did you just touch my ass?”

After all those pubs it was time for some dancing action in Hollywood. The good thing about the group is that you don’t need any effort to get them dancing…it’s usually “in from the door and straight to the dance floor” it!

Yesterday also got me thinking… I wonder if a girl looks or acts in some special way if smb is interested in her. I don’t mean with this somebody but generally. For why do guys suddenly start appearing one after another at some point. From personal observations I can say that you can go months without any interest from the opposite sex and as soon as there’s one who’s taken to you, there’s another 2 or 3 of them. What a waste! They should be divided throughout periods of time, nice and evenly:)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

European Night

Yesterday was the day…or rather the night… “European night” – which is basically the night when all those 25 people (plus organizers) bring out da alcohol from the respective 10 countries, whew – that’s a shitload of booze. And for the future reference – European Night without being able to drink any of those liquers sucks big time…but it’d be even worse with drinking the next day at 7 or so a.m.

So, there I was, watching all those 25 and more getting gradually more and more drunk. It was pretty much like watching a bit surreal movie, except I also had the directing powers. So, for my own pleasure I made them take part in Erurovision song contest, which they rather enjoyed. Greece won, quite like in the real one, except for the fact that our singer was male. Then I made them dance to the music I chose and the rest was already out of my hands – I mean all the kissing and mating etc.

I got through the evening quite luckily, doing the organizing part, staying away from the alcohol and keeping the alcohol away from my computer etc, and still, right before leaving (around 3 a.m.) it was still me who got hit in the face. By accident, of course, but with a ping-pong racket with a backhander….not nice, I tell you…not nice at all…but I survived and seemingly without a huge blue mark and I managed to get to work on time and am still up and going…

"I woke up and joyfully realised that a miracle had occurred. I wasn't hungover. Tequila was brilliant. I was never going to drink anything else ever again. Then I realised it was still dark and after a bit of groping around I found my watch, discovered that it was 5:30am and finally figured out the reason I wasn't hungover was because I was still drunk." - Isabelle Beckett

Monday, July 04, 2005

Summer University

The Group

So they have arrived. All 25 of them. From 10 different countries. And the Summer University (Tartu-Tallinn-Pärnu-Riga) has officially started. At first I thought I will not find a connection with them but after the weekend I can say that the group is good. There are some good-looking boys and girls. One of them looks a bit like TJ (which is a trip down the memory lane and deserves a whole separate blog entry). There are the jokers and the more quiet ones but none of them is invisible, if you know what I mean.

2 weeks with the group ahead (on and off because of the work obligations, but still:), lots of parties and fun and hopefully not many problems.

So for a short while the posts will be in English as there may just be some foreign interest in reading it.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Meet my crowd

Foto: Assar Jõepera

Ehk siis, saage tuttavaks, sellises seltskonnas ma töötan. Me oleme kõik natuke asjalikud, natuke hullud, pisut targad, vahel rumalad, väga võistluslikud, vahel kakleme, kuid lepime kiiresti, hindame ja armastame üksteist ja oleme altogether väga mõnusad, päriselt:)

Ja see pilt sümboliseerib minu jaoks eesti suve…ilusamat osa sellest…ja sellistel hetkedel tuleb mulle meelde, miks ma siit ikka veel ära pole kolinud.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The people you meet

Viimastel nädalatel olen palju mõelnud teemal, kuidas inimesed meie ellu tulevad. On need, kes on olnud seal nö “aegade algusest” peale – pered, vanad sõbrad jne. On need, kes tulevad korraks, on mõnda aega väga intensiivselt ja kaovad siis taas. Ja tihtipeale tundub nende kadumine vale ja vägivaldne. Ja on need, kes ilmuvad täiesti ootamatult ja veelgi ootamatumalt sobivad meie ellu nagu valatult. Sellised, kelles tunned ära omasugused, kes mõtlevad sinuga sarnaselt, kellega huumor sobib ja kellega sul on tunne, et ei tahaks neile kunagi midagi halba. Mulle näib, et see on osaliselt kinni ka sellest, kuivõrd hästi inimesed üksteist vastastikku omaks võtavad…it has to be a mutual thing…Ja ma ei räägi (ainult) mees-naine suhetest, rohkem ikka sõbrasuhetest.

Kas on nii, et igaühe elus on teatud arv kohti (riiuleid) inimsuhetele, et on “väga heade” sõprade riiulid ja siis on peiksi/pruudi riiul (mõnel kusjuures mitu) ja siis on veel mõned sõprade riiulid ja siis on terve hunnik tuttavate riiuleid? Ja uued inimesed mahuvad meie ellu, kui mõni riiul on mingil põhjusel tühjaks jäänud?

Mulle väga meeldib, kui mu ellu tuleb uusi inimesi ja veelgi enam meeldib, kui nad osutuvad sellisteks, kelle jaoks peab lausa uue riiuli tegema:)

“When people come to your life, you don't know the effect they will have. Some people come and change your life, some people do nothing to your life and then there are people who do just one thing - they make you happy.” Evan Wylde

Monday, June 27, 2005

Hiiumaa getaway


Tundub, et oli väga pikk “nädalavahetus”. Paus kandis. Ja suhteliselt raske on kõike seda nüüd äkki sõnadega väljendada. Liiga palju oli kõike – emotsioone, uusi inimesi, uusi nalju, juhuste kokkulangemisi, väikse eesti sündroomi jne jne

Aga et kõik ausalt ära rääkida, tuleb alustada algusest.

Kolmapäeva õhtul, mina, selle asemel et tekiilapeole minna, küpsetasin kooki ja pesin pesu.

Neljapäeva hommikul, asjad kokku, magamiskotud autosse ja Hiiumaa poole. 5 tundi praamijärjekorda, selle suve esimene kergemat sorti päikesepõletus ja õhtuks õnnelikult kohal. Väike pit stop Anni juures Tormi tänaval, siis Magnuse juurde aeda grillima, pool liitrit ja pool liitrit ning õhtu möödus mängides ja joostes. Siis loomulikult korralikule umpa-umpa külajaanipäevale, et ikka päris, lõkke ja süldibändiga. Ja küünis oli disko (tegelt küll vist laos, aga oli küüni moodi). Emotsioonid käisid sel õhtul väga üles-alla. Ühel hetkel lõime Nelega tantsu, nii et kannad käisid kõrgele ning teisel istusime küüni põrandal ja nutsime maailmavalu – elu on kord juba selline.

Reedel rand ja niisama tsill, kusjuures meri oli 3 erinevat tooni sinine ja väga ilus, peaaegu juba nagu Vahe-, mitte Läänemeri. Õhtul jätkus kõik sama rada – Magnuse aeda grillima, selle vahega, et nüüd tähistasime tema sünnipäeva. Ja ei olnudki tunnet, et oleme kontvõõrastena uues seltskonnas, jutt sujus ja nali sujus ja tegelikult niikuinii tunnevad Eestis kõik kõiki. Kui mitte mujalt, siis kasvõi orkutist;) Ja siis disko Rannapaargus, mis on sisuliselt restoran/baar/diskoteek rannas. Teisel päeval hakkasid kõik süsteemid – et kes on kes, kes kellega magab, kes kellega kakelnud on jne – juba selgeks saama. Pidu oli vägev, joogid ja peiksid ilmusid kuskilt iseenesest ja hommikul koju minnes paistis juba päike.

Laupäeval oleksime pidanud esialgsete plaanide kohaselt juba ära minema, aga läks teistmoodi. Kuna ilm ei soosinud enam rannavarianti, siis oli tsill ja grill, pohmapäeva naljad ja jutud, niiet lõpuks hakkas naermisest valus. Ja siis läksid tugevamad ikka-jälle-taas peole, ja hommikul koju minnes paistis päike:)

Pühapäev lõi reaalsusega näkku ja oli küll viimane aeg sammud kodu poole seada. Mereületus läks valutult ja back home we were….back to reality….

Mõned huvitavad tähelepanekud Hiiumaa teemal: kõik tunnevad kõiki (seriously!), autouksi ei lukustata, toauksel käib võti mati alla, inimesed on väga vahetud, ilma igasuguste suhtlusbarjäärideta, inimesed on suhteliselt ilusad (või vähemalt on kenade poiste-tüdrukute kontsentratsioon päris hea), nimedel öeldake perenimi enne eesnime (a la Kase Rein), kõikidel on hüüdnimed ja “p”täht on sõnades rõhutatud (jaanippäev, sünnippäev jne). Ja õhtul väljas käies ei kulunud ühtegi senti, see jääb siiamaani müstikaks.

Ja kuna kõike ei saa ja pole ka mõtet siia kirjutada, sest teatud asjad jäägu ainult asjaosalistele, siis vähemalt endale meenutamiseks….rääkimata jäävad sabanali, beibelugu, nibunali, kotulugu ja mõned veel.

Kõike kokku võttes oli väga õnnestunud getaway ja on kordamist väärt.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


...paneme end koos natuke põlema...seltsis ikka segasem...
...ja’ll be alright...eventually... i promise

Savage garden
Crash and burn

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned it's back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
It's hard to find relieve and people can be so cold
When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face they day

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

Because there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again
You'll breath again

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned its back on you
Give me a moment please
To tame your wild wild heart

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am now officially a Nookiemonster. So I can nookie around whenever, wherever…..Watch out!

If any of you has trouble understanding the essence of a nookie monster, please take a look at this nookie monster post, which is also where I got this magnificent garment from:) And it was delivered to me in a very stylish way:)


Friday, June 17, 2005


Käisin Peep Vainu koolitusel. Minu esimene. Tema kohta võib arvata igasuguseid asju – et liiga kallid on tema koolitused, et ta teeb liiga palju teatrit jne. Aga täiesti kindlalt võib väita, et ta on siiski fenomen. Mees teeb 3 päeva “ühe-mehe-showd” ja kõik kuulavad, sest tal esiteks on, mida öelda ja teiseks, ta oskab selle info panna nii söödavasse vormi. Pisut teatrit käib ka asja juurde, siis on nauditavam. Ja tuledki koolituselt ära, tundes, et tead asjadest rohkem ning ongi ind ja soov midagi ära teha. (Peamiselt omaenese elus!)
And call me crazy, but I think he’s kind of sexy:) … in a very platonic and distant way but the whole voice+personality+humour package works…

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wandering fever

Eilne Frida ja Mehhiko teema tekitas minus taas soovi…ei, mitte soovi…. vastupandamatu vajaduse, reisida. Kaua ma petan ennast mõtetega sellest, kuidas ma parem kogun raha, et oleks, mille eest asju osta, kui ma endale lõpuks korteri leian. Ma ei saa ilma reisimata elada!!! Ma närbun ära, nagu Nele banaanipuu. Ma elan parem ilma kapi või uue voodi või lauata, aga ma olen õnnelikum. And I know I cannot just shake it off! It’s time to take action!

“Internal burning… wandering fever…” Kalevala

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Esimene osa mu nädalavahetusest oli täis gay-elamusi. Reedel PM soolaleib – väga gay (loe: rõõmus:). Vaatasime elukoha üle ja ootame uusi küllakutseid. Sellele järgnes Angel’is käik – väga gay (loe: kuidas tahad, nii rõõmus kui ka lihtsalt gay). Ühelt poolt on Ingel tänuväärne koht – seal saab toredate sõpradega mõnusalt pidutseda – muusika on alati hea, joogid maitsvad ja inimesed ilusad. Ka ei suru seal tüdrukutele ligi ennast rohkest alkoholist ilusaks ja enesekindlaks joonud mehepojad, kelle ainus eesmärk on keegi endale samal õhtul voodisse saada. Teiselt poolt tekib Angeli tantsivaid baaripoisse ja tegelikult üldse selles klubis ringi vaadates mõte, et “what a waste” – liiga palju liiga ilusaid ja naistemaailmale kadunud mehi. Tough luck, i say!
Ja kolmas gay-elamus oli juuksuriskäik. Mul oli esimest korda elus meesjuuksur – väga gay (kuigi ta seda ise ilmselt veel ei pruugigi teada). Nii tore polegi mul juuksuris ammu olnud – jutt jooksis, nalja sai ja pea tehti ilusaks. Juuksurpoisile mõeldes tekkis mul aga selline mõte, et kus Tartu gay-d väljas käivad - üksteist leiavad ja niisama funivad? Lisaks sellele, ma miskipärast ei usu ka, et Tartu üldse väga gay-friendly linn on, ja nii ilmselt ongi seal peidus mitmeid vaeseid hetero kesta aheldatud gaysid, kes ei saagi kapist välja tulla, sest kuhugi minna ja midagi teha niikuinii pole:)

“And all the best women are married. All the handsome men are gay. You feel deprived.” Robbie Williams

Friday, June 10, 2005


Suvi on mõnus aeg, saab rannas käia (this option is not available right now, due to shitty weather), saab varvastel lasta end vabalt tunda suvekingades või plätudes (vaata eelmist sulgu) ja saab rulluiskudega sõita! Sellest viimasest tunnen ma eriti puudust külmal ajal….sest nii mõnus on sõita tuule vuhisedes mere ääres:)
Igatahes, tundub, et sel suvel on rulluisutamisest saanud “projekt”, sest ükshetk tõstis minus taas pead minu “competitive self” ja leidis, et rullimeetrid tuleb kirja panna ja siis vaadata, et palju suve jooksul kokku tuleb. Kuna mul on ka võistleja töökaaslase näol, siis ei ole see enam niisama fun, vaid tuleb ikka pingutada ka:) Ja mida minu competitive self taluda ei suuda on see, et ma olen kaotusseisus hetkel.
Eesmärk tuleb ka seada. Ma ei ole nii kõva rullihunt, et julgeks siin tuhandetest kilomeetritest rääkida, aga ma arvan et 500 võiks suve jooksul ikka ära teha!?! (Praegu on umbes 100). Ja kuna konkurents innustab, siis kutsun huvilisi üles minu projektiga ühinema!

Thursday, June 09, 2005



Käisin jalgpallil. Ja oli emotsioon ja oli fiiling ja ei olnudki väga piinlik Eesti pärast. Ja mu vend oli siin ja Nele a.k.a Ms Impatient istus korduvalt toolist mööda, mis oli ka omamoodi tore:) …naljakas vähemalt. Ja Eesti tiim käitus taas tüüpiliselt eestlaslikult, stiilis, et algul ei saa vedama ja pärast ei saa pidama (teatud reservatsioonidega). Esimesel poolajal oli kogu meeskond kaitses….teisel poolajal hakkas nagu juba minema ja siis saime kohe kuidagi väga hea hoo sisse….ja siis sai mäng läbi! Ma ei tea, ma arvan, et Eestlastel oleks vaja mingit veel pikema mänguajaga võistkondlikku spordiala, milles siis oma oskused ideaalilähedaseks lihvida. Kahjuks ei suuda ma välja mõelda, mis kestaks VEEL kauem, kui jalgpall? (ja male ei loe, sest see pole tiimimäng:)