Friday, September 09, 2005


Eh, it's been what...3 days or just 2? and so much to write about...i wish i could get my MMS thingy in my phone working, coz you picture says more than 1000 words..or sth like that.

We are one bunch of crazy girls and with crazy girls good/crazy things happen... on Thursday we had a daytrip to Bled and Bohinj...starting in Bohinj. Just imagine...a beautiful lake between mountains (ahhhh...i wish we had mountains in Estonia, really!), perfect weather, laying at our own little "private beach", drinking martini, laughing, gossiping, remembering the TSU. Ooh, and i heard some gossips which i didn't know yet and which never made it to the gossip diagram....veeery interesting;)

When it was time to start goint to Bled and we were waiting for the bus and waiting got boring we figured...why not hitchike ...but not really taking it seriously - coz you know, it's not so easy to hitchike with 4 people...but just for fun - why not try. And like in a couple of minutes, a van came - perfect ey? It was driven by an english guy called Gary (but we called him Pepe, he liked it:). So there he was going only to a shop to buy food for his barbeque, as his friend with broken leg was waiting for him.. .and he ended up driving us to Bled, having a special local desert with us (thanks to good sales work by Nika!) and having a good time:) Well, as a consolation we also sent a cake back to his friend and wrote a note about us being guilty coz Gary was just unable to resist us....but it was another big step in improving the international relations:)

I am really in travelling mode now ... takin it easy and just going with the flow and seeing what life has to offer...


N said...

aga kuidas ilm on? happy travels, love!

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to tell the rest on the mailinglist the new gossips?????

Maekas said...

And again, Kadri, you talk about drinking :D
First post - making friends with Vana Tallinn
2nd - the infamous Skeleton and the good coctail-bargain
3rd - martini on the beach


pull yourself together, gal :D

Anonymous said...

you would hate the mountains, if you had to get to the top of one by foot... i did anyway

Mark said...

Arghhh! Kadedaks ajad oma reisijuttude ja seiklustega. Tule tagasi Eesti ilm ruulib.

Ja kähku!

Hernes said...

firstly: i don't think i will share these gossips;)
secondly: deinkin....yes...all the time..
thirdly: i would still love the mountains - by foot or not:)
fourthly: mark, "estonian weather rules!?!" ekskjuuz miii