Monday, September 19, 2005

Swingin' 60s

Tuesday was lazyday – we drove off to catch the last bits of sunshine in Portoroz. Topless on our own private dock, chilling and cherry sensation. Afterwards, seafood lunch in an adorable little town called Piran.

And in the evening – another “this-is-my-first-time-to-try-this” experience. There’s a new hype in Lju – swing. We had a private lesson of basic swing steps and then it was time to dance. Imagine a room full of boys and girls dressed up appropriately – dresses and shoes and everything – swinging the night away, doing all the jumps and spins and tricks (not us, of course, but the ones that actually could dance:) I felt like I am lost in 60’s. It was amazing. I should really import this hype to Tln.

And yet another moment of realizing how small the world is…there’s another Slovenian guy I know from last year’s SU in Turkey – Gregor… I wasn’t gonna see him coz he has a night job and for me night is the main time for meeting people:) …but suddenly, there he was, swinging like crazy! And wow, that boy can really dance. It was a great coincidence indeed…I was so glad to see him!

(About coincidence) “The connections may be invisible but they are always there, buried just beneath the surface.” - Dan Brown

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