Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cognac, Paris, France

Last monday i had a reason to go to France. More specifically, my destination was Cognac, Hennessy maison. Mind you, it was a work related trip. I think i spent more time either in some vehicles or waiting for them. At 7.30 taxi took me to airport, at 8.50 the plane took me to Riga, a while later another plane took me to Paris where couple of hours were spent waiting for a train. The train that normally takes 3 hours from CDG airport to Cognac, broke down in the middle of the road and just stood there for 2,5 hours. So i spent 5,5 hours on train (which, btw, had no wifi). From the train station a driver took us to the maison. I reached the Hennessy maison at around 10 or so - only 14,5 hours after i started.
My stay in cognac was nice, but short, because i left the place at around 4 p.m the next day. However, before spending an awful night at the awful Charles De Gaulle airport, there were 2 little rays of light in my trip. First of all, a lovely lady at the metro station not only helped me with info about how and when i should get to the airport but also gave me a metro ticket. She just gave me a ticket! I really did not expect that in Paris (sorry if i'm a bit prejudiced but i don't see the French as the friendliest people). I took the train to the station from where my train to the airport was supposed to go, just to be on the safe side. But since i had 2 hours to kill i got out of the station to walk around a bit. nd guess what, i found Louvre:) And also, i believe - Pont Neuf. Yay! I got my Paris pics. Did i mentioned i've never been to Paris before?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Abege : "I like it (feat. Kaysha)"

I listen to this song and my body gets all strange.... seksy, seksy song...