Thursday, December 28, 2006

My 3 Xmas

Ufff, so much to write about before the end of the year… yet, so little time. 2 last days at work in 06, time to wrap everything up and clean my desk and drawers of all the rubbish to be ready for 07. And S is visiting, and N needs my time and love because her love has left the country, again.

I’m done celebrating Christmas with the 3 of my closest families. First there was the office Xmas – with the biggest of my families. As already a tradition, there were performances. The girls performed a Thriller inspired dance and the boys (the competitive little …:) had 2 performances – one James Bond inspired act and another one, which was inspired by god knows what….probably by “Strictly come dancing”. And we ate and we drank and we held speeches. And as much as I wanted to go on partying and move on to night club, I just couldn’t. I drank one espresso after another, but still I was so sleepy that I had to retire.
Then there was the family Christmas – mum, dad and the 3 kids. I got lots of excellent presents and we ate and we drank and….we ate some more:) And the next day we went to the country and we lit the candles on the cemetery, visited some relatives and ate some more. The weather was excellent and it was all really nice and I even managed to take some photos.

And then there was the other family Christmas, with S, A, N and PM. So you can only guess what we did. A safe bet is to guess that we ate and we drank and we exchanged presents. Some really nice presents. Strangely enough I got several pairs of knickers. I’m surprised how well Mr. Claus knows my size and taste in this field:)

(Let me know if you want to see more pics)

Friday, December 22, 2006


I love making presents. One of the reasons might just be, coz they look lovely all in a row like this, nicely wrapped. So, my loved ones, can you guess, which one is yours;)?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NY party, vol 1

There you go, the ultimate Christmas week had a wild kick-off yesterday. Resulting in a tiny hangover today. I guess that’s expected after drinking champagne for 5 hours yesterday.

What was I up to, then. Now, this is a big secret, but I know my readers and you won’t tell anyone, will you:)? I was at the filming of a new year’s show of a certain Estonia’s TV channel. The 3-hour show will be broadcast as a live show on 31st of December. But hey, you don’t really expect a channel to take the risk and go live for 3 hours….on a bloody NY eve, do you now?

Well, imagine dressing up for a festive event and then pretending you’re in an elevated mood for hours, as if you’re at the best NY party ever. It was easy though, as I was actually having a good time. And no, it wasn’t just the sparkling drink responsible for it. We were sitting at tables, eating finger food, drinking champagne (as mentioned before) enjoying the performances and laughing and clapping on call. I know now I made a wise choice wearing gloves. As for the performers and the guests, you can say everyone was there. The business elite was doing the same as was I, that is the aforementioned – food, drinks and clapping. And the stars and starlets and TV people were doing the performing part. As the infamous “Strictly come dancing” glamour show has just finished, all of the dancing stars were there and in a way the channel made all the dancers sing and all the rest of the people, like politicians, singers etc, dance. Generally it was all just about watching the show but it was rather strange to do the countdown…9…8…7… etc to new year. Then again, now that I’ve done the whole fancy part, I can just relax, wear my sweat suit and watch myself on TV on 31st.

Afterwards we were all invited to an afterparty, by a certain well-known businessman, to a certain night club he owns and his certain young girlfriend was actually serving drinks to me and taking care that we had everything. But you know how it is on Monday evening, without the right crowd, it’s rather difficult to get the party started.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr Claus

Last Friday proved again that you basically only need the right crowd to have an effortlessly good party. Well, seemingly effortless, as there are always things that need to be organized. It was J’s late birthday/house-warming party and you can only imagine our surprise when at some point in the evening we got a visit from Santa Claus…Mr. Claus was a bit to the kinky side with his ambiguous jokes, or maybe he was just automatically picking up our crowd’s vibe. Anyhow, I was glad he was still just a Santa, giving us presents and telling his stories, and not a Santa/Stripper, who’d have ruined my whole perception of Santa:) So, the Santa was the organized part, but the rest of it was all rather spontaneous, like Kox giving a memorable performance of the song “I fire you all!”, or the otherwise always sober as a judge, but this time so cutely drunk M, proclaiming his love to all the friends; or all of us singing the re-independence time songs together…eh, the moments that make memories…at least til the next party comes along.

And well, today the ultimate Christmas week starts, with Christmas lunches, Christmas dinners, Christmas parties etc. By the end of the week I’ll have eaten so much that it’s only wise to start the week off with the tight fitting dresses and leave the more loose ones to the end of the week:) I’ll review the best of the events here as well. Keep reading!

Monday, December 11, 2006

A small dose of Swedes

The Swedes were back in town for the weekend. It’s been 3 months since they left. On Thursday evening almost the whole summer crowd was back together, greeting them and approximately an hour into them being back it felt as if everything was like it was supposed to be. And you just know that even if they were gone for longer they’d still fit right in. So the question really is, why did they move away in the first place.

On Friday evening there was the birthday party of the third Swede, Mr. Nui. How come it’s this way, that when you’re drunk, all kinds of things are “more possible” than when you’re sober. And not just in your head. No. For instance, when the time came to move on to night clubs and the ever-lasting problem of getting a taxi arose….we just took the bus. I mean, there was a night bus or sth like that and we took it. Mr. Nui paid the bus driver, the driver asked the other people to wait and there we were with our crowd of 10 people or so, in the huge bus, which only made 2 stops, as some of us wanted to go to one and some to another club.

And, as far as I’m concerned, I got through the weekend with no permanent damage. However, I still tend to end up in situations, where (in my most rational moments) I think I shouldn’t end up in. But since I still do, even with the universe (that jealous biatch) trying to stop me, I like to take comfort in the thought that it’s probably not entirely my fault. Maybe some things are just supposed to happen. That much I know about myself that that I’m not the kind of person to deny myself sth good in present for a possibly greater good in future.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have a new favourite. He’s called Mika, he’s a musician, he looks great and he’s got an amazing voice. The only thing is that he might be just a bit young for me and that he lives a bit far, in London right now.

Ok, wishful thinking:) But Mika really is my new musical favourite. I want to hear more of him and I want to see him perform. There’s a huge talent there and as much as I’d like to keep him only for myself, I believe in a year or so, he’ll be big all over Europe. Right now he’s hitting the radio stations with the song called “Relax”.

However, for a little taste of him, here’s another song “Grace Kelly”, performed live on “Later, with Jools Holland”.

Edit: The next single Grace Kelly will be out at the end of January and the album will be released beginning of February. I'll review it soon after i get it:)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Surprises in the night

Last night, when i was coming home from my night out, which, by the way, was a really good one after a long while now. I really felt like a socialite yesterday, going from one party to another. Even the infamous BB club, which has recently only managed to disapoint me, was top notch...

Ok, back to the getting home story. It was sth around 4.30 at night and i was on my way from the taxi to my place when i saw a young woman lying on the street in front of my house. Of course i went to check on her. She was well dressed, wore jewellery and was just lying there next to the house wall, sleeping. I tried to wake her up to find ut where she lives and help her home. Waking her was not the easiest task, as she was obviously really really drunk. At least i hope she was only drunk, in the light of recent stories of people being druged in the nightclubs. So i woke her and my next task was to find out the address. Not so easy either, as she was really not registering what i was saying, nor was she able to give me any intelligible answers. I offered her differnet languages in which we could speak. For some reason she chose English. Later we switched to Russian, because that was her mother tongue. As it turned out, she lived in the same house as i. I managed to get her on her feet. Again, not a very easy task, considering i was smaller than her and wearing heels. I walked her to her staircase, somehow found keys in her pocket, helped her in, found her flat, opened the door and helped her in. I hope she was able to take it from there and just get to sleep. At least she was in the safety of her own home. I really hope she’s doing ok and i hope nothing had happened to her in her drunkenness. I keep thinking maybe i should’ve done more, like help her to her bed or sth but that would’ve felt like invading her privacy too much.

Now, i know sth like that could never happen to me from drinking. I know my drunk self and how and what i can and cannot do. I always, always manage to get home, the very least ...or maybe i just don’t get so drunk. However, i know some people in my circles to whom this could easily happen and, if something as bad would happen that someone would drug me with a pill slipped into my drink or whatever, then i’d have no idea of how my body reacts and what i am or am not capable of doing. I just wish everyone had good friends to party with, so that there’d always be someone to take care of you, make sure you get home and maybe also give you an aspirin and a glass of water or if need be, take you to the doctor.