Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NY party, vol 1

There you go, the ultimate Christmas week had a wild kick-off yesterday. Resulting in a tiny hangover today. I guess that’s expected after drinking champagne for 5 hours yesterday.

What was I up to, then. Now, this is a big secret, but I know my readers and you won’t tell anyone, will you:)? I was at the filming of a new year’s show of a certain Estonia’s TV channel. The 3-hour show will be broadcast as a live show on 31st of December. But hey, you don’t really expect a channel to take the risk and go live for 3 hours….on a bloody NY eve, do you now?

Well, imagine dressing up for a festive event and then pretending you’re in an elevated mood for hours, as if you’re at the best NY party ever. It was easy though, as I was actually having a good time. And no, it wasn’t just the sparkling drink responsible for it. We were sitting at tables, eating finger food, drinking champagne (as mentioned before) enjoying the performances and laughing and clapping on call. I know now I made a wise choice wearing gloves. As for the performers and the guests, you can say everyone was there. The business elite was doing the same as was I, that is the aforementioned – food, drinks and clapping. And the stars and starlets and TV people were doing the performing part. As the infamous “Strictly come dancing” glamour show has just finished, all of the dancing stars were there and in a way the channel made all the dancers sing and all the rest of the people, like politicians, singers etc, dance. Generally it was all just about watching the show but it was rather strange to do the countdown…9…8…7… etc to new year. Then again, now that I’ve done the whole fancy part, I can just relax, wear my sweat suit and watch myself on TV on 31st.

Afterwards we were all invited to an afterparty, by a certain well-known businessman, to a certain night club he owns and his certain young girlfriend was actually serving drinks to me and taking care that we had everything. But you know how it is on Monday evening, without the right crowd, it’s rather difficult to get the party started.

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