Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's 10 C degrees outside. This is the coldest some countries ever get, even though it's still summer here, supposedly. It's cold and rainy and i can feel the early morning depression sneaking in, the i-don't-wanna-get-out-of-bed feeling.

However, there's a little something i learned at the creativity training. In order to keep your body constantly producing pheromones or the natural in-built happy drugs, we have to keep doing the things that make us feel good. And, from there on, our creativity improves as a side-effect. Which are the moments or what are the actions during which you feel good, when you feel you can forget about time and space...i.e. when you get the the flow sensation?

I wrote a whole list of the things that take me to the flow-feeling. Such as good music (especially live), dancing, travelling, dreaming, sex, spending time with my friends, sometimes writing, sports, even some sections of my work etc.

Negative thoughts are supposed to be a major downer, so i plan to do a whole lot of the things i like, in order to get through this autumn and winter. You're welcome to join me in some of these actions and also tell me what your "flow-feeling things" are!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's still not better than sex

Went to watch football yesterday. Some people say it's better than sex. Well, i beg to differ. I have watched Estonia play...and lose several times. Even if there is some consolation in saying "It was a good game and we should've won", there's nothing better than actually winning the match. Even if it's winning over a country as small as a peanut. with 9 yellow and 2 red cards, 3 goals (2 of them in our favour), couple of fights and guys taking off theis shirts, it was good entertainment.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yesterday i went picking mushrooms. There weren't many. My god, this is starting to sound like Karl Pilkington diary already. However, the weather was excellent and add 2 friends and a picnic to the formula and you get a great day. Definitely a good way to celebrate the re-independence day. Or as Mr M would put it: "The day you told the Russians to f*** off." For the second time.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

...just a little bit of history repeating

High heels, heavy rain and gobbled streets of the old town do not go together. Mental note made. However, i loved every bit of thursday night. TJ was back in town after around 5 years and thanks to that i also got to see Miz M and Mr A again. And, we discovered a new place in old town. Once again, it was an excellent night.

Some people don't dance, if they don't know who's singing,
why ask your head, it's your hips that are swinging

Propellerheads "History repeating"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As the weekend's coming closer...

This is how i spent my last weekend:) Ok, there were more people, it wasn't just me and 2 guys. There was loads of fun, laughing til my abs hurt, lots of board games, a trip to wax museum, negotiations, perfect weather, chill'n'grill... i wouldn't mind more of weekends like the last one.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Could this be my new hobby?

I think I’ve found my own. An extravagant sports/hobby, that I could really be hooked on. I have tried scuba diving but the psychological resistance to breathe through my mouth is too big. Even though the under-water world is captivating and very surreal. I have also tried golf, but golf has too many rules. Even though the whole ball kicking and aiming is good fun.
Yesterday, a friendly TV channel treated us to a windsurfing training. Now this is what I call really good fun. There are only about 8,5 basic rules to get the hang of it. It requires strong arms and legs and good balance, which I’ve got covered. It all takes place on water, so even when you fall, it won’t hurt. There is, of course, the occasional chance of getting hit by the pole when falling off, but that’s why we have arms to cover the head, right.
After the basic training on dry land we were allowed to start catching the wind on sea. I think it took me about 4 times of falling off before becoming good friends with the board and sail. As a general observation – all the girls seemed to master the techniques a lot faster than the guys. It must be the lighter weight and better balance thing. However, it may also have to do with the ability of multitasking:) I wonder if it’s also connected to dancing skills. There’s a lot of dancing around on board when turning it.
The feeling that you get, when catching a good wind and surfing over the water under a glaring sun…it’s almost like flying, definitely the closest to flying I’ve ever felt. I think I spent around 3 hours on water and would have loved to do it longer but the beginner’s exhaustion was taking over. Today my muscles are hurting and I’m tired but I definitely want to do it again. I just wish Estonian summer would last longer!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Family time

I had the best time with my family this weekend. We, the kids, cooked for the ‘rents. Italian food was on the menu – bruschettas, salad, pasta Bolognese – the whole shebang. (Note to self: Never ever taste fresh chilli pepper, even if it looks as innocent as a paprika!) After the fun-filled meal it was time for the kids to go out and play. As we get older, our ages get more similar. I mean, me and my sister, we’ve stopped aging, of course and our brother is just catching up with us. That means we all get to go out together, talk about loads of stuff and have a couple of drinks. I think I ended up paying for the drinks, being the only one with a steady job. It was either that or we left without paying. I sometimes forget to pay in outdoor places. But I think we still did.

The rest of the night went by, flying. Whenever I go out in Tartu, I always meet so many people I know – be it the old friends and acquaintances or the new ones who also have a strong connection with the town. Stasik was there, our new secretary, Ms. T, was there. Turns out we have some friends in common. Several people who I know through my sis were there, some shadows from my youth were there and on top of everything I made some new acquaintances. When I’m in Tartu, I feel I haven’t aged at all – it’s like going back to the time I left town, which was around the time I graduated from the uni. It’s strange, yet refreshing once in a while.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bratwurst, Alps and hemp fields

Switzerland – the land of chocolate, clocks and banks….right, and why on earth did I go there, you may ask? Because I had people to visit and no plans for my holiday. And, as Estonian weather is as unreliable as a ….there really is no comparison, Estonian weather is the most unreliable thing I know… then it’s wiser to get away from here for a holiday.
So I bought the ticket and flew over, without planning anything other than 2 nights’ stay in Zurich. All the rest was up to Mr. M (a.k.a. the kiwi), my host, who took really good care of me. We saw the towns (Luzern, Zurich, Stein am Rhein etc) and the countryside and the lakes and Europe’s largest plain waterfalls, took a walk in the Alps, did some camping, ate schnitzel and bratwurst and Lindt chocolate and basically just had a good time.
Switzerland is everything you think it is with a little extras and surprising aspects. It’s very neat and clean and pretty and green – you will not see any rubbish anywhere, all the houses have flowers on pretty much all the window sills. The nature is beautiful with all the variations of green you can imagine and the Alps are impressive. All the cows really do have bells on them and so do the sheep. People in countryside are extremely traditional and xenophobic. Zurich, however, is rather cosmopolitan and free spirited city. For instance you can easily catch a whiff of weed walking on the streets of old town and I saw more gay couples than I’ve seen anywhere lately. Then again, maybe they were all just really good friends:) The countryside also has a few surprises to offer. M took me to one of the best tourist attractions anyone’s ever taken me. A local farmer was growing a huge field of ….really tall green grass. It was as like I got lost in The Beach movie. It wasn’t hidden or anything. I hear that the local policeman lives down the street and is a good friend of the farmer.
Couple of things worth pointing out, what I really liked, were:
- evening and night at the lake Zurich
- the Rheinfall waterfalls
- the clear air in the Alps
- the field, of course
- Mr. M
- meeting up with Mr Acorn
About the last item, I almost forgot to mention. The legendary Swede/Estonian Mr. Acorn is staying in Zurich for a while and of course I met up with him. He’s as adorable as he used to be and it was great to have secret conversations with him in Estonian. There was lots to talk about as he is probably one of the most curious men I know.