Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's 10 C degrees outside. This is the coldest some countries ever get, even though it's still summer here, supposedly. It's cold and rainy and i can feel the early morning depression sneaking in, the i-don't-wanna-get-out-of-bed feeling.

However, there's a little something i learned at the creativity training. In order to keep your body constantly producing pheromones or the natural in-built happy drugs, we have to keep doing the things that make us feel good. And, from there on, our creativity improves as a side-effect. Which are the moments or what are the actions during which you feel good, when you feel you can forget about time and space...i.e. when you get the the flow sensation?

I wrote a whole list of the things that take me to the flow-feeling. Such as good music (especially live), dancing, travelling, dreaming, sex, spending time with my friends, sometimes writing, sports, even some sections of my work etc.

Negative thoughts are supposed to be a major downer, so i plan to do a whole lot of the things i like, in order to get through this autumn and winter. You're welcome to join me in some of these actions and also tell me what your "flow-feeling things" are!


Nele said...

negatiivsed mõtted nagu sa ise ütled, on mega downer. Seega kõik sõnavõtud teemal - ilm on nii kole, krt on nii külm, saadana see sügis nüüd tuli - IT's a NONO! Eks. Teeme ise nii ja levita sõna. Vingumine ei aita ja vingumine nakkab. Mul on sügisest kahju juba. Kõik aint nurisevad ja teevad maha. Õiged riided selga ja ongi asi ants. ;)

Hernes said...

Ok, proovime. KUIGI, see on raske:) Vingumine on Eestlasel veres. Emapiimas. Seega, pimeduse vastu - tuled põlema (säästupirnidega, eks), külma vastu õiged riided (peab uusi ja ilusaid ka ostma), vihma vastu auto ja kummikud ja keep ja õhtutesse sõbrad, hea söök ja punane vein taas ausse. Ja paari lisakilo kallal palun kellelgi mitte uriseda. See on naiselik:)
ahjaa, bring on the värvilised lehed puudel. tahan sahistada ja pildistada.

Maekas said...

Vahelduse mõttes on sügisene ilm isegi täitsa mõnus. Mulle meeldib vähemalt.

Ruth said...

The things that take me to the flow-feeling:
- spending time with my family
- partying (dancing like crazy!)
- travelling
- listening to my favourite music
- meeting my good friends (wherever in Europe...)
- talking about life with a good friend (with a Cherry liquor drink)
- watching "Friends" and drinking Vana Tallin with a good friend (never mind the weather outside...);)))


Hernes said...

That's right R. DO you realise how many of the things on your list you can do when you finally come to visit me:)!