Monday, May 22, 2006

One cast on offer...any bidders?

I’m getting real tired of the whole arm-in-cast thing. It’s tedious. I’m beginning to hate capital letters when typing, I despise washing dishes and I soon give up showering – too much hassle doing everything with one hand and trying to keep the other one dry. And I so much miss sleeping on my belly.

I must admit there are just a couple of positive aspects too, like all the attention I get when I’m wearing all my yellow and pink and black cast coverings …..but to be honest, I’d rather get noticed for different reasons….At first I thought there must have been a reason for such a stupid accident and breaking 2 bones exactly at the places where I had the caps on….you know, something big that universe was trying to tell me….but now I’ve given up that thought too, because nothing good has yet come out of it.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I still can’t believe it….yesterday i saw Buena Vista Social Club…performing live…here in Estonia. As some of the original members are not with us any more, they call themselves Buena Vista Masters (at least I think that’s the reason). They’ve got some younger blood, too, but some of the oldies are still alive and kicking and did not roll on stage in wheelchairs, with droppers and respirators, as my date suggested before the concert:)

Those guys are really amazing. Take, for instance, Orlando, playing the contrabass. He’s the only one who has played on every track on every album of BVSC, he’s 73, he had to be helped on and off the stage…but boy, can he play the bass…and he keeps touring, respect! Or, take Manuel, he must also be sth close to 70 and still he’s a ladies’ man. While on stage, he put an eye on a lady dancing at the side of the stage. He kept waving and smiling at her, while playing his guitar with great virtuosity. We saw him looking for the lady after the performance.

And the music… and the rhythm... and moves they have inside of them, dying to get out. Made me really feel like chilling on a beach, sipping a mojito and dancing to salsa rhythms. Gotta plan a trip to Cuba before the old Fidel dies.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This was unexpected 2

So I got my cast on Monday, right. Nevertheless, Wednesday saw me back in the emergency room. I had a feeling sth was not quite right. Complained to the doc, made some new x-ray pics et voila …as it turns out, I have another broken bone, inside my elbow. Maybe I should go ahead and make a full-body x-ray, just in case?

Anyways, first the doc told me there were 2 possibilities – 1) a bigger cast, to also cover my elbow and 2) surgery….he consulted another doctor, an orthopedist, and as it turned out, we went for a third option 3) physiotherapy – meaning I have to move my elbow every day on the very limit of pain ant then after a week we shall see if I still need surgery. The future has never been brighter... And another thing… YOU try moving sth that hurts like hell…believe me, you’re not gonna like it (unless you are inclined to masochism).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This was unexpected

I was reading this book yesterday by Arundhati Roy “The God of Small Things”. There’s this one place that says: “Everything can change in one day.” In the book they’re still hinting on the things that will start changing. I, however, learned the hard way yesterday that everything can change in just one moment.

Went checking out my new route for rollerblading, stepped (rolled) down the pavement and almost on zero speed, fell backwards so unhappily that I broke my wrist. Not much of a surprise that nobody stopped to help. What do you do when you see a girl sitting on a pavement, caps off, blades on, crying and holding her arm. Sure, you stare out of your car window, drive on and think how lucky you are to be all right.

Just by coincidence, a friend drove by, took me to emergency and spent the whole 1,5 hours with me. Half of the time there, I was crying. Not because of the pain, as everybody seemed to be assuming, but because of the psychological hit. I have never spent any time in hospitals, during my adult life the only things I’ve ever caught, have been a couple of colds. I’ve never felt more helpless than yesterday, when the nurses put the cast on…it stays on for a whole month! So far, buttoning my shirt and putting on the bra have proven to be the hardest challenges….tonight, however, another one awaits…the shower. Anyone wanna help;)?

Monday, May 08, 2006


Photo: Indrek Galetin

Isn’t it funny how some bands’ audience doesn’t age? I went to a Prodigy concert last Friday. They’ve been around since nineties and the main men must be close to middle age now but their fans are mostly pre-teens and teens. Most of the audience was too young to even remember the beginning of Prodigy. Made me feel kind of special:) Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that you’re supposed to move really fast to the rhythm of their songs, don’t know.

And then there are other bands whose fan community ages with them. Went to a Depeche Mode concert back in March. They’ve got 40-year olds coming to their concerts and knowing every single song by heart. Sure, they’ve got loads of young fans too, cause they keep on making hit songs and topping the charts. Respect!

For me there are some artists who I’ve only come to like later in my life, even though they’ve been around for a while, DM is one of them. Sting is another – he only captured my heart with his latest album and now I can’t wait for the next one. I wonder who’ll be my next discovery of the great performers who I’ve managed to avoid so far.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Days go by

Days have passed without anything meaningful happening. Seemingly. For sometimes the most seemingly unimportant things can turn around and bite you in the ass or, moreover, change the whole course of history. I guess I’d better write them down…

Found another good quote in “About a boy”. “If other people can make you happy then they can also make you unhappy.” True. True. On my night out, got 2 phone numbers from 2 different guys, who, interestingly enough bore the same name. That was weird. Got into another fight with my butterflies, who, when they could nicely be of help, have decided to go on a far-away holiday. Found a new current favourite song – Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”. Love it. Realised that guys have to really think twice if they’re gonna be an asshole to some girl, especially, if they possess inadequate sexual skills or lack considerably in the equipment department, because girls spread the word and the guy ends up in the “damaged goods” department. This was not my personal experience. Sat in a small town railway station and pondered about possibility of life at countryside. Not for me. Saw a guy wearing a red hood and headphones, who later saved my sorry hung over self from suffocating by helping me open the windows in the train. Did a lot of catching up with PM. Cleaned up my home. Ate one too many ice creams. Realised how much I like that I don’t ever have to go through the high school exam period any more. Worried about my sister. Had an absolutely normal one and a half days with my parents. Worried about N. Saw my first butterfly this year.