Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Days go by

Days have passed without anything meaningful happening. Seemingly. For sometimes the most seemingly unimportant things can turn around and bite you in the ass or, moreover, change the whole course of history. I guess I’d better write them down…

Found another good quote in “About a boy”. “If other people can make you happy then they can also make you unhappy.” True. True. On my night out, got 2 phone numbers from 2 different guys, who, interestingly enough bore the same name. That was weird. Got into another fight with my butterflies, who, when they could nicely be of help, have decided to go on a far-away holiday. Found a new current favourite song – Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”. Love it. Realised that guys have to really think twice if they’re gonna be an asshole to some girl, especially, if they possess inadequate sexual skills or lack considerably in the equipment department, because girls spread the word and the guy ends up in the “damaged goods” department. This was not my personal experience. Sat in a small town railway station and pondered about possibility of life at countryside. Not for me. Saw a guy wearing a red hood and headphones, who later saved my sorry hung over self from suffocating by helping me open the windows in the train. Did a lot of catching up with PM. Cleaned up my home. Ate one too many ice creams. Realised how much I like that I don’t ever have to go through the high school exam period any more. Worried about my sister. Had an absolutely normal one and a half days with my parents. Worried about N. Saw my first butterfly this year.

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