Sunday, November 23, 2008


The snowstorm has hit us heavily. I haven't been outside all day because the lady in the news told me to stay in. I don't really know what's going on outside because the windows are totally covered in snow and i don't dare to open them. I can only hear the wind whistling outside.

The news lady also said that 32 000 homes do not have electricity. Luckily for me, the electricity was only gone for a while but is back now. Cars and buses are crashing, the ferrys between the islands and to finland do not go any more. Flights are postponed or canceled. People are advised to store water and candles.

In a way it's even kind of romantic. I just hope the homeless people made it to shelters or anywhere warm before the storm hit.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

George vs Joshua

N suggested me this comparison. If you imagine one of them slightly younger and the other slightly older, yeah, it kinda works. There's similarity. However, i still know which one of them is 100 times sexier for me. (oh, if you don't know who these 2 gentlemen are, they're Joshua Jackson and George Clooney)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Benicio vs Bradley

I know they've been compared before, but seriously, can you tell which one is Mr. Bradley Pitt and which is Benicio del Toro?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

London and beyond

I went to London for a generously extended weekend. I had more than one reason to go. One of the big ones being S's bd. Not just any bd, the big three, oh! Oh my, soon it's my turn. Before me there's N and right after me AJ and not long after PM. Anyway, it means a lot of saving up has to be done, as these three-oh's kind of demand presents which matter a bit more than a piece of clothing or some make-up.

Anyways, the bd went fine, the present was well appreciated and it was really nice that all of us from the closest circle had made the effort to fly to London. I think that's what made S the happiest. It was like old times again.

What was different from my normal visits to London, was that first of all - i didn't do any shopping. (I always regret that slightly when i'm back home because i don't like shopping here.) Secondly, i got out of London, which is a nice change. P took me to Bath and surroundings. Lovely little town. Nothing really special about it, just kind of...nice. It's strange, how different can London and the rest of England be. London is the most cosmopolitan city i have ever seen, with as many people of different races, nationalities, sizes, styles as one can imagine. Yet, when you get out of London to the more rural areas, it's all "old-english", like out of some old book - the local pubs, named Crown, Swan etc, little villages with narrow roads and people gossiping about whats going on in the neighbouring villages.

We stayed one night at this old-english bed&breakfast. When we arrived, it was dark already and as we entered, the door squeeked (of course) and we were greeted by this old man welcoming us to the house and showing us to our room. It was all very quiet and despite him stating otherwise we seemed to be the only guests that night. It was a big house, with very high ceilings and big rooms but still unbelievably stuffy. The kind, where you get the feeling you cannot breathe unless you open the window and you have to speak in a whisper. I was quite certain that at night in the big living room there would be secret gatherings and people from the village would wear masks and sacrifice small animals and on a bigger occasion, virgins.

The old man, however, unknowingly managed a joke of the day. He was showing us where we can turn the lights off and he went like: "We just got this new headboard for the bed, which is lovely, but it's just couple of inches too big." Me and P looked at each other and as he left the room, burst out laughing. I don't know where to start whith all the things wrong with that headboard. It was absolutely hideous and did not match anything else in the room and it surely did not look new.

And what do you do in Bath, if not take a bath in a spa with natural spring water, a 3 hour long night spa, to be precise, with some food and a glass of wine. Not bad! All-in-all, it was all just chill and relax for couple of days. On the way back to London we took a look at a big white horse and Stone henge (just because it was on the way), which was smaller than i remembered from the last time i saw it, 10 years ago. I can't believe i'd paid money to see it back then. In the airport, i must admit, i had to do some shopping to make me feel better about having to go back to work. Oh, and that's it, it's a wrap. Til next time, London and England.

Hennessy Artistry party

(The pic taken from internets, don't mind the quality)

So, what's been up. For instance, last week (before going to London, lovely London) i went to a party on Wednesday night. A Hennessy party, in Helsinki, Finland. Yeah, had to go straight from work. 2 hours by ferry, party, sleep, 2 hours back, straight to work. It started off as a work assignment but turned out to be quite a decent party. Before getting there i didn't turn much attention to the performers. I'd heard of Kat Deluna, of course, as i do browse through music channels once in a while. I mean, you'd have to be deaf and blind (or old) to not have heard of THIS song. And then there was Matt Pokora, who i didn't know i'd heard of til he sang the song Dangerous, which i actually quite like. So, the performance part was good and Hennessy coctails were free, whole night. Gotta admire the Finns, though, who can drink the night away from 8 pm to 2 am without any food. Can't say it wasn't affecting them. Some of the "ladies" were so drunk it was quite disgusting - blabbering away, ready to hump a pole if no guy is interested.

I'd like to say i am past my groupie days but somehow i still ended up partying with the band guys. I promise, i did not approach them:) What was i to do? I was at that party with my boss, who'd brought his lady friend, so i felt it best to leave them alone. Anyhow, i think i made some good connection in music business if i ever want to organize a similar party in Tallinn. I'll let you know when i do. Here's the link to the PICS of that party.

Lazy little....

I am so lazy it hurts. There's loads going on and i haven't written anything. How on earth am i gonna write an autobiography anytime soon if i don't scribble down my life's adventures. And i have to start with the writing soon. Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has written about six or so autobiographies already, all selling like fresh bread, and she's only a year older than me.

Friday, November 07, 2008

ultrasonic - lips they move

Here's a little song to get the Friday going.