Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hennessy Artistry party

(The pic taken from internets, don't mind the quality)

So, what's been up. For instance, last week (before going to London, lovely London) i went to a party on Wednesday night. A Hennessy party, in Helsinki, Finland. Yeah, had to go straight from work. 2 hours by ferry, party, sleep, 2 hours back, straight to work. It started off as a work assignment but turned out to be quite a decent party. Before getting there i didn't turn much attention to the performers. I'd heard of Kat Deluna, of course, as i do browse through music channels once in a while. I mean, you'd have to be deaf and blind (or old) to not have heard of THIS song. And then there was Matt Pokora, who i didn't know i'd heard of til he sang the song Dangerous, which i actually quite like. So, the performance part was good and Hennessy coctails were free, whole night. Gotta admire the Finns, though, who can drink the night away from 8 pm to 2 am without any food. Can't say it wasn't affecting them. Some of the "ladies" were so drunk it was quite disgusting - blabbering away, ready to hump a pole if no guy is interested.

I'd like to say i am past my groupie days but somehow i still ended up partying with the band guys. I promise, i did not approach them:) What was i to do? I was at that party with my boss, who'd brought his lady friend, so i felt it best to leave them alone. Anyhow, i think i made some good connection in music business if i ever want to organize a similar party in Tallinn. I'll let you know when i do. Here's the link to the PICS of that party.

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