Friday, October 26, 2007

50 questions, 10 answers

There were those question someone sent me and said I should answer, there were 50 of them. 50 is too many. I picked randomly only 10 of them.

When did you last cry?
A bit more than 2 weeks ago, after my car accident.
Do you untie the shoelaces when taking off shoes?
Do you think you’re strong?
Yes, I do. Especially physically:)
Red or pink?
What do you miss at the moment?
Travelling (and food, it’s almost lunch time).
What’s your favourite scent?
Freshly washed bed linen.
Last movie you watched?
Estonian movie “Kuhu põgenevad hinged”. My advice: don’t pay money for watching it!
Hugs or kisses?
Yes, please.
Name one blogger you’d like to meet in real life.
Belle de Jour

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can you smell your memories?

The smell of fallen leaves on a sunny day - that is my favourite autumn smell. I walked through my neighbourhood this morning. I've been doing a lot more walking lately, with the car gone. The sun was shining but there were almost no people. All of them probably cuddled up at their homes having sunday morning coffee. It was rather crisp outside and it was beautiful. The smell of the leaves was mixing with the smell of smoke coming from some chimneys. It brought back memories, reminding me of my childhood when i used to stay at my grandparents' in the country. And my parents are wondering how i can like living in Tallinn. It's all about which part of the city you live in, isn't it.

"Can you smell your memories?"
"Of course you can!"

Monday, October 15, 2007

My saturday activities

This is what i did last Saturday. It was an event organized by Cosmpolitan, called Cosmo glam market. I sold and bought stuff. It's amazing how much smoother sales go if champagne is included. The evening continued quite glamorously cruising through the clubs with miz E. all-in-all, had a really good time!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Shit happens...twice!

There are days, which are absolutely great, everything goes smoothly and life is a peach. And then there are days, that suck as hard as a street hooker. You can take a wild guess which of these two options was today.

It started in the morning with an incident in the parking lot of my office. A Porsche Cayenne was too big to turn out of the parking spot next to me and took a corner of my car with it. Anyway, the guy was not a complete prick, we filled some papers and he admitted his fault. The only problem was all the hassle with the insurance and the paperwork. I took care of it at noon, went through the red tape and made an appointment at the repair place.

In the afternoon, however, when i was driving to a meeting, i decided not to run the yellow light, as i've already got a warning from the police for doing it once. I breaked. The guy behind me didn't and hit me hard. Luckily i'm fine, and i hope N is fine too, though she is getting herself checked at the hospital as i'm writing this. She has a bit of a headache and i'm pretty sure it's the result of the accident. Fingers crossed that all's good. N was a big help in keeping my calm and dealing with the whole situation. My car, however, is trashed. It's hurt in so many places that the nice insurance guy was not sure it's worth repairing it:( He'll have more info tomorrow.

I'm finally home and having a glass of wine. Haven't eaten anything since morning. Hoping nothing's wrong with N... Stay tuned.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's salsa time!

Photo: Laura
Dance has always been inside of me. Now it's time to really let it out. I've finally taken up learning salsa! I've got the rhythm but i need the moves, too. I've already had 2 classes and i'm absolutely loving it. So are all the rest of the 50 people or so:) I am very proud of Estonians for such big interest in this latin dance. Let's see how many are left by the end of the 2-month beginners' course. I'll surely let you know when i reach the level when i'm the one dancing in the middle.

If you feel like you don't wanna be left behind and got a little bit of salsa livin inside of you, take a look HERE for more info.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A spot of bother

I've finished reading A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. All through the reading i thought it was an ok book, until the very end. During the last, let's say 20 pages, i actually found that it was a great book! In addition to some very deep realisations i laughed out loud several times. Books've been known to do that to me but it's been a while since "book lol" has happened lately.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007