Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jose - good, considering the circumstances

Oh, before i forget, of course i also went to see Jose Gonzales on Sunday. Jose was still cute and his voice still stroking the insides of my ears... (do you feel a "but" coming?)...BUT...i did not get a very strong feeling from the concert and it's got nothing to do with Jose but with all the external factors, which sadly do have an enourmous effect. 1) The venue (Club Hollywood) was so wrong; 2) i was already rather emotionally exhausted from the good concerts and 3) physically exhausted from the previous night which lasted til 7 in the morning, so all the little things were twice as annoying as they'd be in normal circumstances...like the no 4) a photographer who was loud, smelling of sweat and absolutely unintelligent and since he was standing right next to me, i couldn't really get lost in the music.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dancing on stage with Angelique Kidjo

Hi guys! So what did you do last night? I, for instance, danced on stage with the grammy-winning Angelique Kidjo. Mind you, I wasn’t alone, N was there, and her mum! and aunt and then a bunch of other people…but hey, I danced on stage with Angelique Kidjo!
Remember I mentioned in the last post that I might have already had the best Jazzkaar concert….well, forget all about it…Angelique Kidjo rocks your socks off! Her performance was magnificent. She’s got a great voice, she can shake her booty like no other and the energy on her concert…it’s something else. She’s one of those artists who’s ok on the CD but the main thing is still the live act. I suppose it must have been that good energy that made all the rest of the evening great too;)
Some Angelique performance videos will come later. I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this experience with you for any longer.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jazzkaar jammin - Roy Ayers, Torsten Goods et al

Yesterday I had an amazing start to my Jazzkaar weekend, though I really did not expect it. The only thing worrying me now is that I’m afraid I’ve already had the best concert I could wish for from Jazzkaar festival.
I went to see Tia Carroll in Clazz. I wished I’d gone to see Roy Ayers in Rock Café but the tickets were too expensive. However – I got my Tia AND I got my Roy, plus I got Torsten Goods and so much more – it was like a whole Jazzkaar on one tiny stage. After an enjoyable concert by Tia, the whole Roy Ayers crew turned up at Clazz for a couple of drinks and a bit of an afterparty. But you know how it is, when the vibe is good, the musicians just cannot stop themselves and all of them started jamming – guitars and drum sticks were changed from one pair of hands to others, whoever felt like it helped along with the vocal and at some point Ayers even brought out the sax. I have never witnessed anything like it. Do take a look at the video, even though it’s a bit shaky, as I was dancing at the same time as filming.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

It all started, when Daft Punk recorded a song called Harder Better Faster Stronger back in 2001. (The one that Kanye did 6 years later was just a cover, with permisson of Daft Punk)

The fans loved the song and one of them decided to make a video to the song, with their own hands...watch it HERE...it's one fo the top 20 viral videos of the previous year.

The idea developed and 2 fans made a video, using their bodies...watch it HERE.

And it went as far as becoming a drunken pastime. Watch the video of 2 drunk girls trying to enact the video HERE. Hilarious.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kenna - Daylight

I first heard Kenna "Daylight" a bit less than a year ago. I think it was on one of the compilation cd-s i got from Cannes. I loved the song but thought it was a "one off". However, by now i've found out he's been around for a while and there are songs like "Say Good-Bye to Love", "Out of Control" and several other. And what do i see, when i look at Kenna's Myspace page - he's touring together with Mark Ronson - one of my main men. Got to get him performing in Estonia or go and see him somewhere...

Monday, April 21, 2008

If you love me...

If you love me, you'll vote for me:) I take part of those competitions just to make my dull life a bit more interesting. Click on the colourful banner on the right to show me your love.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 stupid txts later...

Alcohol is bad....it makes you send stupid txts to people you shouldn't be sending stupid txts to...on the other had, i had a very interesting evening last night. Saw many people i really wanted to see, danced with a swedishlooking Italian and got called the most enchanting woman, ever. That hasn't happened in a while:) And, for some unexplickable reason i walked home from the party, so there's was an unexpected 100 eek in my pocket, which was wisely spent today. PM dragged me out of my sickbed today - we went to see Orlan exhibition and to the movies to see old guys Nicholson and Freeman kick their bucket list.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You may call me a connoisseur

Bonjour mes amis! Je suis allé en France. C’etais tres bon. J’ai visité Bordeaux, Cognac et quelques endroits plus petits....Et actuellement, je moi considere etre une connaisseur de cognac.

Well, that pretty much sums up my trip to France, i give all of you enough credit that you understood it, n’est pas? I was treated to the trip so i kind of had to take what i was offered and couldn’t make my own way around. Parts of it were really good and parts of it...not so much. Like for instance the very first day, of which most was spent on flying to Paris, plus a bus ride to Bordeaux, which was a torture, for i was still rather ill, did not feel like drinking and all the rest of the people in the group were as drunk as sailors. But, that meant that it could only get better and so it did. If it were for me, we would’ve spent a lot more time in Bordeaux, because from what i saw it’s a great city – big enough (1 million) but small enough (the old town); old enough (beautiful architecture) but new enough (the trendy bars, cafes and shopping places).

Cognac town was ok, but too small to be anything special – seen loads of cities like that. And the little town called Saint-Emilion was adorable but as it was not the tourist season, it was dead as disco.

I loved 2 things about the trip. First, the fact that i actually learned a lot of new stuff (there’s a little Karl Pilkington in all of us:) I now know about Armagnag, Pousse Rapiere, Cognac and Pineau....and yes, you are correct, if you guessed they’re all different types of alcohol. And second, i loved the way we were treated at the Maxime Trijol Cognac destillery. They’re the biggest destillery in Cognac region and still a family business. The current owner Jean-Jacques Trijol himself was filling our glasses with real champagne, his wife and daughters were serving us delicious hors d’oeuvres and 60, 70 and 80-year old cognacs were open for us on the bar. I’m not much of a cognac drinker but i must say even i can tell there’s a different kind of smoothness to the 80-year old cognac when compared to a 10-year old.

So, what did i learn. First, the drinks:
- Pousse Rapiere – a delicious cocktail of brut sparkling wine and a bit of Pousse Rapiere liqueur. Perfect as an appetizer. Take a look at how to prepare it here and here.
- Armagnac – a cognac-like drink but as the destillation process is different, it’s not as smooth, it’s a little more bitter and of course, as it’s produced in the Armagnac reagion, it can’t be called cognac...but armagnac.
- Pineau – a sweet drink of cognac and grape juice, quite tasty, i might add.
- Cognac – well, cognac gets a whole passage:)

What i learned about cognac:
- It’s made out of fresh wine, which is destilled and mixed 7 times, to get the 70% of alcohol concentration eau-de-vie, which then goes into the barrels to mature.
- The barrels are made only of oak trees, which mostly come from the Limousine woods.
- Each year 0,3% of the alcohol concentration vaporises through the oak (it’s called the “part for the angels”), which means the cognac has to be bottled at least after 100 years, since by the law it can’t be less than 40% of alcohol. After bottling, the drink’s characteristics do not change any more.
- The walls of the houses or the cellars where cognac is maturing, turn black from the alcohol vaporisation, making them easily spotted from afar.
- Cognac tasting for blending and for determining the state of it in tha barrels is done every day around 11 o’clock before eating, when the taste buds are the most alert.
-V.S. means Very Special and has to mature at least 2 years in a barrel; V.S.O.P. means Very Superior Old Pale and has to mature at least 4 years and X.O. means Extra Old and has to mature at least 7 years. However, these are just legal requirements – every respectable cognac maker has set their own rules and they are always by far higher than 2, 4 or 7 years and the connoissurs can tell it from the taste easily.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Musical orgasm

Someone out there - music conaisseurs, critics or behavioural therapists - can someone please explain me, how is music made...that it's so powerful? How can there be songs which make me cry, even if i'm not in a sad mood? It can be just one chord of guitar and there i go again, tears flowing.... Or some of them which never fail to make me smile and dance a little? How is it possible that i listen to a beautiful voice and get goose pumps? How can there be such a physical reaction? I've heard of people who've had an orgasm just listening to music. Can that be? I do believe it's not impossible....I'm not sure what i'm saying here...it's just...i'm truly in awe of the people with true musical talent!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Anouk - Losing my religion

I found this song today, when PM kindly advised me to listen to Anouk's Lost. and i think it's a brazilliant cover of Losing my religion. Take a listen!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live live in Tallinn

I went to Good Charlotte concert on..what was it..Wednesday. And it mad me sick! No i'm just kidding. It was a good concert. All the fans were small enough so i could actually see the stage. Joel has a very good voice and they were excellent in communicating with the crowd. Even if they do the same at every concert, they did it so naturally that it was really believable. And they requested Tallinn to be added on their tour list specifically, so, i give them credit for that.
Now, about the sick part. I'm ill:( I've got this really bad cold and i am not showing my face in public, but you can send all the good wishes to me through various modern communication channels:)