Thursday, January 25, 2007

A year older, none wiser

So much to write and so little time… But, before new emotions take over, I have to note down that there was a little birthday celebration of myself and N. The celebration was with very limited guest list, as the venue, my home, is rather small. That means there were 20 or so people, a disco ball, and 2 beauty queens for the evening. I promised a total makeover but since I can’t afford any plastic surgery (and don’t need any:) I went for changing my hair style – changed the cut as well as the color. For more information, ask for the pics. Coz I really don’t have time to write:)

Monday, January 22, 2007


...happy birthday to me:)!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life in movie motion

This thing is getting worse by days, the thing that I confuse dream life and real life. Last Friday the whole night passed as a movie or a music video or a dream, if you like. I don’t know your dreams, but mine are quite like movies or videos or sometimes very much like real life. The whole night I felt as if things and people happened to me and I didn’t have much say in it. We started off at A’s place (I know you’re trying to figure out which A, don’t even bother, there’s too many:), celebrating his birthday. The dress code was “black, with colourful accessories”, very chic. And at some point we were off to conquer the night clubs. BB was on the list, again. This time, however, I saw many people I hadn’t seen for a while, which was a surprise. The night was long and full of chatting, dancing, listening to drunken theories of life and how it sucks, dancing, flirting and chatting some more. Later that night me and some friends ended up at a semi-celebrity’s boyfriend’s house. Really, everything was just happening as in a David Lynch movie. Well, may-be not quite that spooky. Maybe, as in a Tarantino movie. At 8 o’clock am I was standing outside the house, in this little garden-city, with my red shoes, on a freshly fallen snow, waiting for a taxi to finally take me home so I could sleep.

In David Lynche’s “Lost Highway” there’s this scene, where they enter the party and a song is playing. I love that scene and I love the song. Listen to it here: Barry Adamson “Something Wicked this Way Comes”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



The ones who know, what mantra means for me, know that i must be having a real s***y day. Or actually, 2 of those kinds of days already.

Breathe in, breathe'll be better....for sure

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New haircut?

When we were little, my sister and I, we were not the cute little girls you expect the daughters to be. We were more like little boys, running around, climbing trees and always up for some mischief. It was probably because we got used to being on our own from early on, when spending the summers at grandparents’. On top of everything, we looked like boys, because our mum always had our hair cut short. The only reason I tolerated it was coz I really, really liked going to the hairdressers. We were quite different in looks, she having this really thick dark hair and me with my thin and fair baby hair.

Throughout the adult years we’ve experimented with the hair color but always kept it on a longer side. At some point I’ve even been a red-head but for many years now, I’ve stuck to blonde. My sis has tried red, for a long while accented her natural dark hair color and also went for blonde a couple of years ago. When I think about changing my hair, it’s mostly in the range of maybe trying shading or cutting it a bit, maybe consider cutting a fringe. She however, has made the most drastic change a girl can make, she cut her hair off completely! What possessed her, I have no idea! I could never do that! It looks a lot better than I expected, actually. But I still hope she’ll let it grow from now on:)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Theory of limited happiness

What if happiness is limited…have you ever wondered? I’ve got this theory and I’ve elaborated on it a bit with N and S. Think along with me for a second. Say we take our life apart into different categories and start ticking. If all’s fine in the category, you tick it. Check!

Ok, first there’s love – having someone to care for and who cares for you. Or if you do choose the single life, at least have enough of the single life’s benefits;) Then there’s people around you – friends and family – people with whom you can have fun together but who also stick around when you’re going through a rough patch. Then there’s health, of course – you get a tick if you’re doing fairly well physically and mentally, because let’s face it, none of us is 100% healthy, whoever thinks that, already has a bit of a mental problem:) Fourth is job or studies or whatever it is you’re filling your days with. If an adult spends approximately 70% of the whole awake time, on their job, it should at least be something they don’t absolutely dislike. And last, but not least, there’s the material aspect of life. Do you have what you need for your life? Some need more than others but it is a question of perception. If you think you’re doing ok and have enough, and that you can allow yourself things you need, you can tick this category.

And this, my friends, is it. How many did you tick. I don’t even need to know, which ones, though, it’s rather individual, which category you consider more important for happiness. In any case, my theory is that normally people don’t get a full score. The elaboration of the theory is that this whole happiness business is periodical. There may be periods when suddenly your life’s great in all aspects, or vice versa. However, it does not change the whole theory.

You may argue, of course, that there are some lucky bastards who keep on having good luck all the time. But remember, there are also the ones who are cursed with constant bad luck. So I think they exist outside the theory and balance each other out. That means the “normal” people live the theory. Take a look at your own life or at the lives of people around you. Sometimes you look at someone and think: “He’s really got it all! He must be so happy!” But often looks can be deceiving and beneath the surface, those people’s lives aren’t perfect either. I think if you already get a solid four out of five, you should be doing ok, because you can work on the one category you’re failing in. With three, you’ve still got hope, coz working on 2 categories is also not unthinkable. When you only get 1 or 2…well, you’re kind of f****d. I suggest you first go back to the beginning of the test and re-evaluate your answers, maybe you’re being too picky and don’t appreciate what you have. Or, if it really is that bad, just hope that the elaboration of the theory is correct and you’ll be out of the hole soon enough.

Now tell me, how many did you tick?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My wonderful year 2006

Oops, I almost forgot to do it, to conclude my year 2006. Here’s a recap of the important travels, events and people. Blogging is a wonderful thing, coz I can actually analyze my year. Like, for instance, it seems to me that in 2006 all of the good times and most interesting things were kind of crammed together. Maybe this year I should try and divide the fun more evenly, to at least try to avoid the winter and early spring blues.

Bought my own place, barely survived the cold wave.
Went to Budapest.
Went to Depeche Mode concert.
You see what I mean, not much happened in those 2 months. From May on things start happening, and it’s all good almost til the end of the year.
Went to Prodigy concert, met the legendary Swedes – Mr. Acorn and Mr. Svenne, started my rollerblading season and broke some bones, saw Buena Vista Social Club in concert.
Spent amazing time with R in Spain, met J, had the most amazing Jaanipäev in Hiiumaa, went to Prangli, met another R. N left the country for 3 months.
Went to Lithuania, met another R, era of S, spent the best month of the amazing Estonian summer, got a car, went to Berlin to see Robbie Williams show.
Went to Simply red concert, got creative.
The Swedes left the country, for a while feared that my life would change forever, went to Crete.
N came back, had my first TV moment with Boney M.
Took part in a movie shoot, went to London, went to Pink concert.
Discovered Mika, had my second TV moment, had real great Xmas and NY parties...zzz...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NY party, vol 2

Last week the year was rushing towards its end and I was without any plans. S, A and PM were away. So, me and N joined the rest of the “we-don’t-have-plans-for-the-big-night” crowd. We were A1, G, A2, ML, K1, K2, N and me. (I am speaking code, and the initials don’t really tell you much, sorry:) but I can assure you it’s an amazing crowd). All right then, we’ve got the crowd, check, we’ve got the place (chez A2 and ML), check, A2 and G are taking care of the drinks and food, check…so there’s nothing left to do, but to put on my high heels, grab a chair with me and go. For your information, a chair is the coolest new accessory when going out (at least when you know there’s not enough in your destination location:)

We started off with drinking, while A1 was preparing lasagne, which was our appetizer (delicious). Then we rolled our own sushi. (I know it’s an unusual order of eating, but whatever.) The sushi was really delicious, definitely better than in the sushi places. We played some Alias and with half an eye I could manage to spot me on TV, several times (on the show mentioned in NY vol1 post). For the big moment we went outside and since all of our watches showed a different time, we just did the 9,8,7… counting at some point and welcomed the 2007, I’m pretty sure it was only about a minute before the actual arrival time.

Some of us, including me, went on to another party – to a supposedly very high class, young and fabulous, glam party. I didn’t quite see the glam, though. I mean, what’s glam about having only 2 toilets for such a huge crowd and the drinks running low in the bars. But I guess the party was ok. I was in a bit of a daze the whole night and I have a feeling I said something really stupid to someone I know. Or maybe that happened in my dream. I can’t be sure, for the party went on afterwards, in my dream. I have really vivid dreams, you know. Anyhow, that was NY 2006 vs 2007.

Pic 3

It's arrived, the 2007. More about the NY party a bit later. Stay tuned. Right now i just felt likeposting this pic. Because it's so peaceful.