Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New haircut?

When we were little, my sister and I, we were not the cute little girls you expect the daughters to be. We were more like little boys, running around, climbing trees and always up for some mischief. It was probably because we got used to being on our own from early on, when spending the summers at grandparents’. On top of everything, we looked like boys, because our mum always had our hair cut short. The only reason I tolerated it was coz I really, really liked going to the hairdressers. We were quite different in looks, she having this really thick dark hair and me with my thin and fair baby hair.

Throughout the adult years we’ve experimented with the hair color but always kept it on a longer side. At some point I’ve even been a red-head but for many years now, I’ve stuck to blonde. My sis has tried red, for a long while accented her natural dark hair color and also went for blonde a couple of years ago. When I think about changing my hair, it’s mostly in the range of maybe trying shading or cutting it a bit, maybe consider cutting a fringe. She however, has made the most drastic change a girl can make, she cut her hair off completely! What possessed her, I have no idea! I could never do that! It looks a lot better than I expected, actually. But I still hope she’ll let it grow from now on:)

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