Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NY party, vol 2

Last week the year was rushing towards its end and I was without any plans. S, A and PM were away. So, me and N joined the rest of the “we-don’t-have-plans-for-the-big-night” crowd. We were A1, G, A2, ML, K1, K2, N and me. (I am speaking code, and the initials don’t really tell you much, sorry:) but I can assure you it’s an amazing crowd). All right then, we’ve got the crowd, check, we’ve got the place (chez A2 and ML), check, A2 and G are taking care of the drinks and food, check…so there’s nothing left to do, but to put on my high heels, grab a chair with me and go. For your information, a chair is the coolest new accessory when going out (at least when you know there’s not enough in your destination location:)

We started off with drinking, while A1 was preparing lasagne, which was our appetizer (delicious). Then we rolled our own sushi. (I know it’s an unusual order of eating, but whatever.) The sushi was really delicious, definitely better than in the sushi places. We played some Alias and with half an eye I could manage to spot me on TV, several times (on the show mentioned in NY vol1 post). For the big moment we went outside and since all of our watches showed a different time, we just did the 9,8,7… counting at some point and welcomed the 2007, I’m pretty sure it was only about a minute before the actual arrival time.

Some of us, including me, went on to another party – to a supposedly very high class, young and fabulous, glam party. I didn’t quite see the glam, though. I mean, what’s glam about having only 2 toilets for such a huge crowd and the drinks running low in the bars. But I guess the party was ok. I was in a bit of a daze the whole night and I have a feeling I said something really stupid to someone I know. Or maybe that happened in my dream. I can’t be sure, for the party went on afterwards, in my dream. I have really vivid dreams, you know. Anyhow, that was NY 2006 vs 2007.

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Hernes said...

If any of you wanna see the pics, write to me, ok!?