Friday, January 05, 2007

Theory of limited happiness

What if happiness is limited…have you ever wondered? I’ve got this theory and I’ve elaborated on it a bit with N and S. Think along with me for a second. Say we take our life apart into different categories and start ticking. If all’s fine in the category, you tick it. Check!

Ok, first there’s love – having someone to care for and who cares for you. Or if you do choose the single life, at least have enough of the single life’s benefits;) Then there’s people around you – friends and family – people with whom you can have fun together but who also stick around when you’re going through a rough patch. Then there’s health, of course – you get a tick if you’re doing fairly well physically and mentally, because let’s face it, none of us is 100% healthy, whoever thinks that, already has a bit of a mental problem:) Fourth is job or studies or whatever it is you’re filling your days with. If an adult spends approximately 70% of the whole awake time, on their job, it should at least be something they don’t absolutely dislike. And last, but not least, there’s the material aspect of life. Do you have what you need for your life? Some need more than others but it is a question of perception. If you think you’re doing ok and have enough, and that you can allow yourself things you need, you can tick this category.

And this, my friends, is it. How many did you tick. I don’t even need to know, which ones, though, it’s rather individual, which category you consider more important for happiness. In any case, my theory is that normally people don’t get a full score. The elaboration of the theory is that this whole happiness business is periodical. There may be periods when suddenly your life’s great in all aspects, or vice versa. However, it does not change the whole theory.

You may argue, of course, that there are some lucky bastards who keep on having good luck all the time. But remember, there are also the ones who are cursed with constant bad luck. So I think they exist outside the theory and balance each other out. That means the “normal” people live the theory. Take a look at your own life or at the lives of people around you. Sometimes you look at someone and think: “He’s really got it all! He must be so happy!” But often looks can be deceiving and beneath the surface, those people’s lives aren’t perfect either. I think if you already get a solid four out of five, you should be doing ok, because you can work on the one category you’re failing in. With three, you’ve still got hope, coz working on 2 categories is also not unthinkable. When you only get 1 or 2…well, you’re kind of f****d. I suggest you first go back to the beginning of the test and re-evaluate your answers, maybe you’re being too picky and don’t appreciate what you have. Or, if it really is that bad, just hope that the elaboration of the theory is correct and you’ll be out of the hole soon enough.

Now tell me, how many did you tick?


Anonymous said...

I have 3 full ones and 2 half ones:) So I should be happy, I guess

lee said...


Nele said...

skoor 4 ja kuna see 1 on mulle ka kõige vähemtähtis, siis peaksin ja olengi õnnelik. tip-top. :) aga kavatsen ka selle ühega tegelema hakata ja täispanga peale minna. aga muidu teooria suhteliselt eluline ja peaks igatpidi õnne valemis toimima. kusjuures, olen tõesti õnnega koos. mul ei ole ka ühtegi kategooriat, mis võiks teistele paista hästi ja tegelikkuses mitte toimida. ka enda vastu aus olles, on punktisumma 4. superluks.

Mark said...

Veits segane teooria, aga see on minu viga, ma tean ... Mis on õnn? Ei tea, ausalt ei tea. Mida ma tean, on see, et Mmie ajus on mingi vidin mis toodab õnne hormooni. Aga selleks on vaja midagi, sündmust näiteks ... palgatõus, lotovõit, armumine, lapse sünd jne. Minu teooria on järgmine.

Oh raisk mul pole nii palju aega, ma teinekord räägin sulle :)

Hernes said...

Come on people, prove me wrong! Anyone got a 5?

lehari said...

Yes, I agree with this theory!
Happiness seems always to be limited... if you think in terms of areas or components of life. I surely cannot say i got a 5! But it doesn`t make me unhappy, coz that`s the way thigs are. The trick is acceptance of whatever is. Just as it is.
Life is as it is anyway, so why be unhappy about life? Even if you get a 1 or 2 in this test, you can still appreciate the fact of being alive, right!? Waking up in the morning, feeling good - what a bliss! Having your breakfast - what a gift! Even if you`re sick or tired or angry, the richness of the experience, if you really experience it, makes life worthwile. Carpe diem!