Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My wonderful year 2006

Oops, I almost forgot to do it, to conclude my year 2006. Here’s a recap of the important travels, events and people. Blogging is a wonderful thing, coz I can actually analyze my year. Like, for instance, it seems to me that in 2006 all of the good times and most interesting things were kind of crammed together. Maybe this year I should try and divide the fun more evenly, to at least try to avoid the winter and early spring blues.

Bought my own place, barely survived the cold wave.
Went to Budapest.
Went to Depeche Mode concert.
You see what I mean, not much happened in those 2 months. From May on things start happening, and it’s all good almost til the end of the year.
Went to Prodigy concert, met the legendary Swedes – Mr. Acorn and Mr. Svenne, started my rollerblading season and broke some bones, saw Buena Vista Social Club in concert.
Spent amazing time with R in Spain, met J, had the most amazing Jaanipäev in Hiiumaa, went to Prangli, met another R. N left the country for 3 months.
Went to Lithuania, met another R, era of S, spent the best month of the amazing Estonian summer, got a car, went to Berlin to see Robbie Williams show.
Went to Simply red concert, got creative.
The Swedes left the country, for a while feared that my life would change forever, went to Crete.
N came back, had my first TV moment with Boney M.
Took part in a movie shoot, went to London, went to Pink concert.
Discovered Mika, had my second TV moment, had real great Xmas and NY parties...zzz...

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