Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Kullakene! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!!

Mäletad veel aegu, kus me suure osa ajast veetsime vanama-vanasa juures ja - nagu pildilt näha – ainsaks mänguasjaks olid avajad:)

Kallistused sulle!

(Head soovid ja kallistused ka T-le sünnipäeva puhul, kes küll ei loe seda, aga ikkagi)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer's gone

Just look at the weather outside and try to imagine that couple of days ago I was sitting on a beach, at night, enjoying a good company, waterpipe and beautiful Estonian nature...

I don’t wanna be a whiner, but I am seriously disturbed by the fact that summer is ending. I do like autumn and a bit of winter too but if I had to choose whether I want all the four seasons or nice weather all the time I would have to go with the latter option...

Things I really dislike, coming along with the summer ending, are:
... I have to cover up my toes and squeeze them into shoes and boots and they have to be enslaved for about 8-9 months...
... no more rollerblading...
... I have to put on some clothes even when I take out the garbage...
... it starts to get dark so early...
... waiting for a bus is a nightmare... coz it’s cold
... the sea freezes over... (and the lakes and rivers and so on)... alright, this happens a bit later...but still...
... I cannot wear my summer dresses...
…my skin will be dry…
................ and so on and on and on........... please, people, convince me I’m wrong and that there are good things coming my way with autumn and winter too!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Apartment hunt

So I am looking for a new home... and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the ass. The prices are too high and they’re not stopping, the selection sucks and I’m a picky little biatch – I do not settle for just something – I want the whole shebang (for an at least affordable price). And why should I settle, it’s my first real home we’re talking about! My expectations are high, but reasonable – for instance I don’t mind a bit of work for my own place if it need renovations, but it has to have soul and a good feeling about it – I need to WANT to live there...

Let me tell you about a couple of deal breakers I’ve come across. There are the flats, which are ruined by renovations – somebody has gone through the trouble of making it look “beautiful”... according to their own taste. Sometimes it means that old and high ceilings are hidden behind a suspended ceiling (...iiiiik) or that an old stove is covered with cyproc (like... why??). Then there was a perfectly nice place with reasonable price but since I know the owners they were honest enough to tell me that the downside of that flat is the neighbour – a woman with moustache and cats who tells you to be quiet if you happen to cough too loud... i thought women with beards only live in circus...

This is the sad reality, but I am not giving up just yet. At least I have N helping me. When we go to see some apartment, she’s the husband who asks all the right questions, leaving me the time to snoop around in the darker corners:)

"Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral." Robert Orben

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Small...small Estonia

I don’t even remember any more, how many times have I wondered about the smallness of Estonia and how everybody knows everybody here. For instance, when you meet a new guy...he’s probably “new” for the next ten minutes, or in the best case until you have access to internet and can google him. Most likely you will find out that you know somebody, who knows somebody who knows his last girlfriend.

There are 1 347 000 people living in Estonia, 193 981 of them in the agegroup 20-29, 38 559 of this age group live in Tallinn and 19 031 of them are male... i guess that is a tiny number, considering how many of them are already happily married and living a family life and not going out to clubs and pubs any more.

This saturday brought the smallness of Estonia to a whole new level. There I was in a another city, in a club in Pärnu, escaping the Tallinn nightclubs with all the familiar faces. A guy approached me and wanted to get to know me... he looked familiar, we talked, he told me his name... and then I remembered why he looked familiar... it’s because we HAD already met in a nightclub in Tallinn before. Well, I told him that and he was obvioulsy embarrased and also a bit bewildered about the whole situation as he was doing the same as me – escaping the familiar faces of home town. I guess it at least proves that I must be his type when he tries to chat me up twice:) But I did not give him my phone number, coz supposedly he should have it already from the first time we met...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mia vida

It’s getting busier at work by day...I must struggle to keep the blog thing working...

There are 3...no...let’s say 4 (or more) things important in my life right now – things that either are happening or need closer attention...

First, there’s work... work has always been important to me but the closer we get to autumn, the more there is to do and the more there will be long nights at the office and early mornings before big meetings.

Second, there is the continuing dating and social life season which I try to keep alive despite of the growing work load. There was a date, a perfect date, actually, with good food and good conversation and everything but the butterflies had a night off, I guess. Or maybe I don’t want any more first dates and want that one specific date to develope into a second one...dunno even myself...

Third, there’s the apartment hunt...and as the Tallinn real estate market is a jungle...it really is a hunt and finding exactly what I’m looking for is hard... if not entirely impossible.

Fourth, there’s friends who I want to give more attention. N and A I see every day, but I cannot remember when was the last time I actually DID something together with them, like going out or sth. PM I haven’t even seen for ages. Hopefully tomorrow is the night to make it all better, coz friends are precious and should not be taken for granted.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Le weekend

Weekend brought me 2 crazy parties, lots and lots of funnnnn, aching muscles and at least 3 blue marks on my legs, some new people, couple of deep realizations and eventually blue Monday.

First there was a crazy-wicked-strange party on Friday night. It rocked! Everything was quite as promised – videodisco, shining clothes and makeup and lots of dancing. The party was crazy, we looked wicked and the strange part was eating “räim tomatis” at 5 in the morning. The next day was mostly spent for recovering and not much happened until the night when Lament came on and rocked the house (or rather – the yard). But the party did not come even close to the one on Friday.
The aching muscles and the blue marks came from riding a mechanical bull and falling off from it... it always looks so easy and harmless in the movies... but try doing it in real life!
The new people... hmm... the only one worth mentioning is Väike-Kaarel, who was unbelievably funny – a real natural talent!
The realizations... well, the first one – I think I should drink less but there are some people who should probably not drink at all – coz they go absolutely psycho with a bit of alcohol. The second one – some guys are whores and they’re usually beyond repair, which means the best thing to do is stay as far away from them as possible. The third one is a re-realization, coz I knew it already before – it’s that my colleagues are absolutely great to party with!

Friday, August 12, 2005

It's Mister Friday Night coming with another line...

Mr Friday...my (imaginary) friend for years already. Almost every Friday he creeps up to me and starts whispering things in my ear. Tellin me about parties and drinks and the weekend starting and so on... Mr Friday has magical powers – he makes the radio stations play party songs, he makes people happier, he gets the party mood going...but he also takes away all the will to work, he abolishes ability of concentration...and he almost never has the patience to wait until Friday evening, like an eager student he’s usually on-spot already in the morning. I guess he’s a frequent visitor to many people but I do believe I have a special relationship with him as he sometimes also pops by on Thursdays or Wednesdays or even Tuesdays.

This Friday brings microphone hair-do, sparkling clothes, platform shoes and all the rest of the absolutely necessary accessories for Disco.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Baby boom

Everybody’s having babies. What’s up with that? And I mean everybody...First it’s the women, who you notice first as they obviously go through some physical changes and they leave work and so on. There are soon-to-be-mothers among my friends and acquaintances, colleagues and somehow so many among the business clients.

And then there are the men, maybe even your ex-boyfriends or the ones you fancied during school years or university and who you cannot picture having babies. At least not with some other women:) The men are harder to notice, considering they don’t grow a baby belly (never mind the beer muscles, which in some cases start developing already in the early twenties), they don’t have to leave work and they usually don’t tell half the world about it. About the men you hear from other people or you suddenly see them walking around next to a pregnant woman or a little kid and a woman.

I guess it must be the age...the “must-have-your-first-baby-and-finally-settle-down-and-not-party-so-hard-any-more” age. But, if it really is the age...I wonder what is the matter with me? I really do not feel like having babies yet. It’s such a cliché but I think I’m not ready yet.

By the way, even my flatmate got a baby. Well, a dog baby, a little boxer – to be precise – but a baby nevertheless... who, I must say, is absolutely adorable. So I guess that makes me a part-time mama too. At least with that one I don’t have to leave work or go all mad about the pregnancy:)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Yesterday I stepped into a music shop to listen to a couple of records and you know... just take a look at what is all there that I am not buying...

...when I walked out of the shop I had a new Jamiroquai record in a little plastic bag and the biggest smile on my face... sometimes shopping can really bring satisfaction...

Take a listen to the song Dynamite...and try to get through the rest of this day...
for me it’s a perfect Friday night song! (But bare in mind that Jamiroquai is not for downloading or copying. Go and get your own from the shop:)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Trippin' people are returning

A arrived yesterday... after being away for 5 weeks. N arrives today... haven’t seen her in 3 weeks, I guess.

...all those stories to tell and stories to hear...hugs to hug and emotions to share...

So it seems that the holiday season is ending. And, am I glad that I still plan to have a 2-week getaway in September:)