Friday, August 12, 2005

It's Mister Friday Night coming with another line...

Mr (imaginary) friend for years already. Almost every Friday he creeps up to me and starts whispering things in my ear. Tellin me about parties and drinks and the weekend starting and so on... Mr Friday has magical powers – he makes the radio stations play party songs, he makes people happier, he gets the party mood going...but he also takes away all the will to work, he abolishes ability of concentration...and he almost never has the patience to wait until Friday evening, like an eager student he’s usually on-spot already in the morning. I guess he’s a frequent visitor to many people but I do believe I have a special relationship with him as he sometimes also pops by on Thursdays or Wednesdays or even Tuesdays.

This Friday brings microphone hair-do, sparkling clothes, platform shoes and all the rest of the absolutely necessary accessories for Disco.

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R said...

So... Let's party with Mr Friday!!! ;o)