Monday, August 15, 2005

Le weekend

Weekend brought me 2 crazy parties, lots and lots of funnnnn, aching muscles and at least 3 blue marks on my legs, some new people, couple of deep realizations and eventually blue Monday.

First there was a crazy-wicked-strange party on Friday night. It rocked! Everything was quite as promised – videodisco, shining clothes and makeup and lots of dancing. The party was crazy, we looked wicked and the strange part was eating “räim tomatis” at 5 in the morning. The next day was mostly spent for recovering and not much happened until the night when Lament came on and rocked the house (or rather – the yard). But the party did not come even close to the one on Friday.
The aching muscles and the blue marks came from riding a mechanical bull and falling off from it... it always looks so easy and harmless in the movies... but try doing it in real life!
The new people... hmm... the only one worth mentioning is Väike-Kaarel, who was unbelievably funny – a real natural talent!
The realizations... well, the first one – I think I should drink less but there are some people who should probably not drink at all – coz they go absolutely psycho with a bit of alcohol. The second one – some guys are whores and they’re usually beyond repair, which means the best thing to do is stay as far away from them as possible. The third one is a re-realization, coz I knew it already before – it’s that my colleagues are absolutely great to party with!


N said...

laenates Väikselt Kaarlilt - reede rokkis sokid jalast ära...

Anonymous said...

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