Monday, August 08, 2005

Baby boom

Everybody’s having babies. What’s up with that? And I mean everybody...First it’s the women, who you notice first as they obviously go through some physical changes and they leave work and so on. There are soon-to-be-mothers among my friends and acquaintances, colleagues and somehow so many among the business clients.

And then there are the men, maybe even your ex-boyfriends or the ones you fancied during school years or university and who you cannot picture having babies. At least not with some other women:) The men are harder to notice, considering they don’t grow a baby belly (never mind the beer muscles, which in some cases start developing already in the early twenties), they don’t have to leave work and they usually don’t tell half the world about it. About the men you hear from other people or you suddenly see them walking around next to a pregnant woman or a little kid and a woman.

I guess it must be the age...the “must-have-your-first-baby-and-finally-settle-down-and-not-party-so-hard-any-more” age. But, if it really is the age...I wonder what is the matter with me? I really do not feel like having babies yet. It’s such a cliché but I think I’m not ready yet.

By the way, even my flatmate got a baby. Well, a dog baby, a little boxer – to be precise – but a baby nevertheless... who, I must say, is absolutely adorable. So I guess that makes me a part-time mama too. At least with that one I don’t have to leave work or go all mad about the pregnancy:)


Ingrid said...

Aaah... reading your post this morning made me feel like I'm normal again. I thought there's something wrong with me that I notice babies everywhere and that all the friends and people are know are having babies or getting married or whatever... But now I know it's not just my problem and that makes me feel releived :P

R said...

I'm just feeling the same!!! Everybody around me is having babies, getting married, starting to live together... And the only I want is to continue travelling and having good parties!... Ok! Enough time for everything... I hope so... as being next to the fire... ;)

Hernes said...

I guess we have to fight back to the social pressure:)
And who, if i may ask, is honouring us with the comment under the very short name of R?

lee said...

yeah .. babies .. everywhere ..

but .. you gotta fight, fo your right, to party! :)

unles you are like me .. a bit tired of all the mocking around .. i just ain't fun anymore .. the un cirtainty .. i guess i am starting to give up on my youth .. crossing to the other side .. see you there, don't hurry if you don't want to .. there is fun to be had on both sides .. i think

R said...

Honey! You know who I am for SUUUUUUUUUUURE!!!! ;O)
Party For Ever!!!

Ingrid said...

Ahh, ja ma ikka sellest teemast üle ei saa. Ma arvasin, et see Eesti beebibuum on emapalga tagajärg või midagi sellist, aga kanäe! Belgias samasugune! Vahe on ainult selles, et need Belgia omad on juba välja vupsanud :p