Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ayo - Down on my knees

I first heard Ayo on Fashion TV but forgot to search her out. The next time i heard her from a small cafe in Cannes and thankfully the guy sitting in the bar knew who she was. Now let me introduce you - Ayo. Read more about her here: http://www.myspace.com/ayosound

Cannes-Cannes 2.3

Since I managed to not write anything meanwhile, the rest of Cannes experience I’ll jot down in just a few keywords. Since I only got 4 days to recover and live healthy and normal.

- I went swimming from a party with all my clothes on, which did not stop me from partying on afterwards
- South-African people rock your socks off
- Estonian people rock other people’s socks off
- In Monaco you can actually smell the money – the only cars you see are Bentleys, Rolss Royces, Maseratis, Porches and Ferraris and they have yachts which have pools and helicopters on them – filthy rich people
- I have walked through half a Cannes bare foot
- I saw Al Gore but sadly selpt through half of hid speech but I bet he was good
- my luggage was soaked wet when I got home

I know I’m still forgetting loads of things, but forgive me, I am still recovering…

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cannes-Cannes 2.1

Just a short overview of couple of highlights before new info pushes out the old stuff.

The other day, i think it was Wednesday, i crashed a South-African party. Getting good at the party crashing thing. Well, i was invited actually, since i've been bonding with the South-Africans. And i've learned a lot. Do you know more than 40 million people live in The republic of South Africa, 6 million out of them white and they have eleven official languages. Incredible.

Now i'm running out of my internet time and anyway i am a bit slow and hung over. Back later.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cannes-Cannes 2.0

Everything is 2.0 here at Cannes seminars. Mankind 2.0, Creativity 2.0 etc. It's supposed to show that we're evolving to some new level. What's next year, everything is 3.0?

Anyhow, shortly on the key moments. Tuesday evening there was the opening gala. It was a huge party at the beach where the food tables were abundant but drinks were limited to wine. Note to self, wine may give you headaches. The gala looked spectacular and very high class and even though there was no red carpet for arriving, there were the tourist onlookers who were taking pics of the arriving made up people. I met some really nice people from South-Africa who embraced me as their first Estonian. I licked a golden radio lion and there's pics of it. And i crashed a young creatives' party (separate from the opening gala for some reason).

There's a joke about Cannes festivals. The festivals take place in this order: first it's the movie festival in May, the porno festival in the beginning of June and then the advertising festival. They are arranged in this order because each following one has lower morale.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Live report from Cannes

I have just got an autograph from Sir Bobby Charlton. It's for my brother, of course. For the ones of you who do not know who Sir Bobby is, he's one of the most legendary footballers and currently the director of Manchester United. He's something like an old version of Beckham, i'd say:) He was giving a seminar here.

I have not yet seen any of the Cruise family. N tells me they should also be in town. However, i expect to see them very soon:)


Greetings, Earthlings! I am sending you my best khappalah wishes from Cannes, France this time. La vie est belle! (Hope i got it right). Right now slight sea breeze is blowing from the open window of free internet area, the sun outside is shining and luckily a boring seminar is on, so i can spend a couple of minutes of my valuable time here.

Yesterday was spent on seminars and workshops and i only slept in only a couple of them. Which is a great accomplishment, considering i have a sleep debt of one whole night because of the tooth ache problem. Lucily it was also cloudy so the beach was not calling me and staying inside was not a problem.

During the day i managed to gather information about the night evets so in the evening we ended up at the Dutch young creative's party which turned out to be the most popular event in town. Dancing and mingling followed by a guitar and singing session on the beach til 4 o'clock. Like i said, life's good!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tooth fairy

Dear Tooth fairy, please come and take my tooth ache away (but try to leave all the teeth in place). The pain is literally killing me. At least i got me some heavy-weight pain killers. I wonder if the effect is better with alcohol:)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

It's been a while since i posted any music here, but now she's back with a new song and i feel the need to share.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yummy-scrummy weekend

My last weekend started on Thursday and was all packed until late Sunday night. That’s how summer weeks should look like – 3 days of work and 4 of leisure. Ask me what I did not do on this weekend. It was almost like a small holiday.

On Thursday we packed our bags and headed south. One of the TV channels was treating us to golf green card course. After 2 days of practicing under the hot Estonian sun, lots of excellent food and several aching muscles we were the proud possessors of green cards. Now I can play wherever I please to. I’m just not sure I will take it up. I liked the game and it was obviously a very good training for the whole body but there were just too many rules for my free spirit:)

After golfing we staid at N’s grandma’s for a night and day and did pretty much nothing at all. Our bodies needed the rest. Couple of disturbing phone calls from the police (long and unpleasant story with no severe consequences, don’t worry) and a toothache aside, it was a very chill time.
Photo: Mark

Back to the capital we headed then. Only to sleep in my own bed for one night and head to south-west (I just love it that Estonia is so small). Summer capital was on the menu. Appetizer – a relaxing voyage on a sailing boat with basic training (well, almost). Main course – the beach. Dessert – dinner provided by another Estonian TV channel and later watching the Pop Idol final show.

Photo: Mark
Yummy, the weekend tasted good!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer wine

I’ve got a couple of announcements to make.

First, I am truly sorry for the people who for some reason cannot be part of our company parties. They are the best. Probably because we organize them not only for the guests, but also for ourselves. And since we want to have the best time, we go the extra mile:)

Second, it has finally started, the Estonian summer. Love it! It means sitting outside til the middle of the night, enjoying that it’s still warm and light outside, going to the beach even after the workday has finished and having lunchtime picnics...

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I didn't know i'd be the girl crying watching Grey's Anatomy...but i am...Whatever the trigger, if there are tears inside, you should let them run...