Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Greetings, Earthlings! I am sending you my best khappalah wishes from Cannes, France this time. La vie est belle! (Hope i got it right). Right now slight sea breeze is blowing from the open window of free internet area, the sun outside is shining and luckily a boring seminar is on, so i can spend a couple of minutes of my valuable time here.

Yesterday was spent on seminars and workshops and i only slept in only a couple of them. Which is a great accomplishment, considering i have a sleep debt of one whole night because of the tooth ache problem. Lucily it was also cloudy so the beach was not calling me and staying inside was not a problem.

During the day i managed to gather information about the night evets so in the evening we ended up at the Dutch young creative's party which turned out to be the most popular event in town. Dancing and mingling followed by a guitar and singing session on the beach til 4 o'clock. Like i said, life's good!

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