Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yummy-scrummy weekend

My last weekend started on Thursday and was all packed until late Sunday night. That’s how summer weeks should look like – 3 days of work and 4 of leisure. Ask me what I did not do on this weekend. It was almost like a small holiday.

On Thursday we packed our bags and headed south. One of the TV channels was treating us to golf green card course. After 2 days of practicing under the hot Estonian sun, lots of excellent food and several aching muscles we were the proud possessors of green cards. Now I can play wherever I please to. I’m just not sure I will take it up. I liked the game and it was obviously a very good training for the whole body but there were just too many rules for my free spirit:)

After golfing we staid at N’s grandma’s for a night and day and did pretty much nothing at all. Our bodies needed the rest. Couple of disturbing phone calls from the police (long and unpleasant story with no severe consequences, don’t worry) and a toothache aside, it was a very chill time.
Photo: Mark

Back to the capital we headed then. Only to sleep in my own bed for one night and head to south-west (I just love it that Estonia is so small). Summer capital was on the menu. Appetizer – a relaxing voyage on a sailing boat with basic training (well, almost). Main course – the beach. Dessert – dinner provided by another Estonian TV channel and later watching the Pop Idol final show.

Photo: Mark
Yummy, the weekend tasted good!

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