Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cannes-Cannes 2.0

Everything is 2.0 here at Cannes seminars. Mankind 2.0, Creativity 2.0 etc. It's supposed to show that we're evolving to some new level. What's next year, everything is 3.0?

Anyhow, shortly on the key moments. Tuesday evening there was the opening gala. It was a huge party at the beach where the food tables were abundant but drinks were limited to wine. Note to self, wine may give you headaches. The gala looked spectacular and very high class and even though there was no red carpet for arriving, there were the tourist onlookers who were taking pics of the arriving made up people. I met some really nice people from South-Africa who embraced me as their first Estonian. I licked a golden radio lion and there's pics of it. And i crashed a young creatives' party (separate from the opening gala for some reason).

There's a joke about Cannes festivals. The festivals take place in this order: first it's the movie festival in May, the porno festival in the beginning of June and then the advertising festival. They are arranged in this order because each following one has lower morale.

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