Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I need a break...

…so I’m going to Egypt for a week. Blazing sun, amazing Red sea, sweetest waterpipes and most annoying bargaining culture are waiting. I’ve been there once, let’s see what’s different this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about my adventures there. My heart will stay with the people at home but my body will just enjoy the warmth and my mind will rest…

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

People letting you down

…this blog is developing like a tangent curve – happy note, sad note, happy, sad…. Last one was happy, guess what this one is?

I’ve been let down. It’s not work-related, nor is it about my personal life, per se. It’s something in between the 2. It’s about organizing a thing and being sure that everything has been agreed on and then finding out 4 days before the “thing” that the agreement doesn’t stand and you’re in deep shit.

I tend to believe in people and to trust them and generally I expect people not to break promises. You know what I mean? I try to always keep my promises and if that is impossible for some reason, I go out of my way to make it right and I more or less die of the guilt. It’s the same thing with running late on a meeting or being unable to help my friends or whatever. So, that’s what I expect from the rest of the world too. I cannot respect people who light-heartedly run late all the time or fail to keep the deadlines or don’t pay their debts on time or break their promises. And so what if things like that happen all the time… does that mean I have to take it as a norm? I don’t think so!

I know the situation I’m referring to is not entirely one person’s fault but I can’t help but feel sad and let down and disappointed…

Monday, November 21, 2005

Let him entertain us

So i got up early on Saturday morning, because the RW tickets' general sale started. Of course...the internet sites were too busy, and me at my home and N at her home wer both trying to buy the tickets. Corresponding with eachother via msn and phone, sharing the frustration. I was already getting used to the idea, that it'd never work, but kept trying anyway. Somehow N managed to enter the page but had troubles paying by her creditcard. So we used mine ...and all worked (it only took around 3 hours:)... and now we are the proud owners of RW tickets... and guess what, only 8 months to go til the concert:)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

On the verge

I must apologise for not having written anything. Work has taken over..... I try to improve myself at the end of this week....right now.... my energy and intellect is needed elsewhere...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is a bit of an outburst…You see, I am a proud member of And it’s not as simple… I had to pay to “belong”. I don’t really mind the money (I do get a t-shirt also:), because supposedly it should bring along benefits. For instance, today I received the info and possibility to buy tickets to Robbie’s next tour – all this 10 days before the rest of the world. Sadly enough…IT DIDN’T WORK…I tried and tried and juggled countries and dates all over Europe, as if choosing a chocolate bar at a candy store. Tried UK and Germany…couldn’t even access the pages. Tried Amsterdam… it sold out while I was filling out my form, tried France…they don’t seem to accept Estonia as a country (stupid French), tried Milan…selected the tickets and got as far as submitting…only to be greeted with the well-known “this page cannot be displayed…bla-bla-bla”. Same story with Sweden. The page is just too busy!!!

Robbie’s one of the artists (and there aren’t many) that I NEED to see performing live, with my own eyes. I will keep trying to buy now and keep on trying when the official sales commence and if it does not work, I will write to Robbie himself and ask for tickets:) Anyways…anyone thinking of what to give me for a Christmas present;)? The tickets are very welcome….

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Life as a man

This week has got me thinking about my life as a woman. (And seems i am not the only one, read also what Peon has to say about it.)

With girls we’ve discussed several times the pros and cons of being a woman. Prevalent cons are the “having-to-go-through-the-pain-of-giving-birth” thing and the monthly thing and the fact that women are still underpayd compared to men...and and and...there are so many more. The pros of being a woman include for instance that we have a wider variety of clothing options, that we can control (and hide;) our sexual excitment better, hence we’re more in control in a way....and...that’s about it really. Despite of everything, i have always been content with being a woman and rather thought it’s a better variant out of the two and never really pondered about the possbililty of life as a man, aside from the occasional thought of how i’d spend one day as a man (fyi, i’d try to seduce a girl and have sex with her, go to gym and shower and listen to guys’ talk in sauna, probably measure my equipment:).

Lately, though, i’ve thought about how my life would be better as a man. You see, being smart and educated and successful is highly appreciated also in women in modern world, and wanting a career is for long not only men’s prerogative... and yet, there are so many guys (perfectly nice and smart and funny guys) who rather find a partner who is below their level, who is probably a really sweet person (sometimes even not that) but doesn’t give the impression of being as smart or as funny or _ _ _(fill in the gap yourself) as the guy himself or his friends. It really makes me wonder, what do they talk about with one another? Do they talk at all? If not, what keeps them together? In one of the Tony Parsons books a male character expresses his mind on the topic, saying somthing like “men don’t want the copy of themselves as a partner”. And if that is true, then i’m in trouble. I’m not saying i am exceptionally clever or doing too well or or or... but generally people in my friend circles (including the humble me) are all of the formerly mentioned – educated and doing fairly well on their jobs and so on. That got me thinking that i would definitly be a “good catch” as a man, yet i don’t see a queue of eligible bachelors at my door:) ...and yet, still, however and nevertheless i prefer to be a woman...go figure:)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Never a bestselling author

I’m currently reading this book by Belle de Jour…called “The Intimate Adventures of a London Callgirl”…and I am constantly amazed by the similarities I’m finding. Ok, she’s a callgirl and has numerous strange sexperiences on a weekly basis…BUT, that aside, the resemblances are remarkable. She’s constantly expressing my thoughts!

The book is written in blog style (an yes, it differs from regular diary style) and she’s probably around the same age as me and maybe I’m bound to find similarities in the way of thinking and lifestyle… On one hand, it’s fun to read it and go: “Exactly!”, “Yes, I’ve thought the same.”…and so on. But, on the other hand, she has expressed thoughts on topics about which I have a) also written about already, b) have been planning to write or c) would like to write. I guess there goes my chance of ever publishing a book:)