Saturday, November 05, 2005

Life as a man

This week has got me thinking about my life as a woman. (And seems i am not the only one, read also what Peon has to say about it.)

With girls we’ve discussed several times the pros and cons of being a woman. Prevalent cons are the “having-to-go-through-the-pain-of-giving-birth” thing and the monthly thing and the fact that women are still underpayd compared to men...and and and...there are so many more. The pros of being a woman include for instance that we have a wider variety of clothing options, that we can control (and hide;) our sexual excitment better, hence we’re more in control in a way....and...that’s about it really. Despite of everything, i have always been content with being a woman and rather thought it’s a better variant out of the two and never really pondered about the possbililty of life as a man, aside from the occasional thought of how i’d spend one day as a man (fyi, i’d try to seduce a girl and have sex with her, go to gym and shower and listen to guys’ talk in sauna, probably measure my equipment:).

Lately, though, i’ve thought about how my life would be better as a man. You see, being smart and educated and successful is highly appreciated also in women in modern world, and wanting a career is for long not only men’s prerogative... and yet, there are so many guys (perfectly nice and smart and funny guys) who rather find a partner who is below their level, who is probably a really sweet person (sometimes even not that) but doesn’t give the impression of being as smart or as funny or _ _ _(fill in the gap yourself) as the guy himself or his friends. It really makes me wonder, what do they talk about with one another? Do they talk at all? If not, what keeps them together? In one of the Tony Parsons books a male character expresses his mind on the topic, saying somthing like “men don’t want the copy of themselves as a partner”. And if that is true, then i’m in trouble. I’m not saying i am exceptionally clever or doing too well or or or... but generally people in my friend circles (including the humble me) are all of the formerly mentioned – educated and doing fairly well on their jobs and so on. That got me thinking that i would definitly be a “good catch” as a man, yet i don’t see a queue of eligible bachelors at my door:) ...and yet, still, however and nevertheless i prefer to be a woman...go figure:)


lee said...

it is a most natural thing to seek a parther that is inferior in some way .. men and women do it alike .. the ones that choose their partners knowingly .. it is a question of power .. and the ones that look for an equal, usually end up with somebody superior to them .. you see .. people are not compareble .. and thank god for that .. 'cos if there was an objective way to rank people, i'm, afraid that people like me would be facing the harshest drout of all time

Kate the Peon said...

Hernes, we're speaking the same langauge. :)

say NO to mass culture said...

Here comes a comment from the hieromonachus indian guru "say-no-to-cosmopolitan":


Dear Hernes,

i believe that you are just reproducing stereotypes in your mind, and as long as you do this you will not find a way out. Men go to the gym, africans have big penises and jews love money.

I hope that most of your post (e.g. the pros and cons of being man/woman) is a joke, because if not, then it seems that you have oversimplyfied reality.

Every person, either man or woman, is different (not really, i am joking, but some are different indeed). If you keep on detecting the similarities and not the differences, you will keep on getting the same anachronistic conclusions.

Be what you want to be, without paying attention to the mass culture. Unless you want to be a part of the mass culture. An educated and smart girl like you should already know that lifestyle magazines and tv will only make you more stupid and alienate you from yourself. If you watch "Sex and the City" your life will soon become "Sex and the City", it is that simple.

No one that likes being what he/she is goes out saying "i like being what i am". The fact that you are boasting for being a woman, shows that you are not sure if you are content of being a woman.

Hieromonachus, me, indeed found it harder to be a woman, therefore he decided to become a man.

Eat less fat and sugar, throw the tv out of the window, pray for enlightment, stay home reading, be humble and if you go to a party, don't let a man choose to talk to you, choose you, you go first and choose the one you want to.

Hieromonachus, i have no flesh, i have words.



Hernes said...

Firstly, i believe i have every right to express whatever i feel on my page. Everybody else out there can choose whetehr to read it or not.
Secondly, i am mostly a believer in expressing opinions and therefore i let people comment my thought.
Thirdly, if we don't choose to live in forest somewehere as an eremite, we ARE part of the culture we live in, part of society, part of differnet social groups and therefore also subject to some social norms.
Fourthly, NO magazine or TV program can make me stupid, for i choose what info i take in out of it. It might influence me, i admit, but it won't make me stupid.
Fiftlhy, i am a big believer of individual differences and absolutely consider each person separately, but it'd be too radical to not that sterotypes as such do not exist. They do and they're not necessarily bad.