Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is a bit of an outburst…You see, I am a proud member of And it’s not as simple… I had to pay to “belong”. I don’t really mind the money (I do get a t-shirt also:), because supposedly it should bring along benefits. For instance, today I received the info and possibility to buy tickets to Robbie’s next tour – all this 10 days before the rest of the world. Sadly enough…IT DIDN’T WORK…I tried and tried and juggled countries and dates all over Europe, as if choosing a chocolate bar at a candy store. Tried UK and Germany…couldn’t even access the pages. Tried Amsterdam… it sold out while I was filling out my form, tried France…they don’t seem to accept Estonia as a country (stupid French), tried Milan…selected the tickets and got as far as submitting…only to be greeted with the well-known “this page cannot be displayed…bla-bla-bla”. Same story with Sweden. The page is just too busy!!!

Robbie’s one of the artists (and there aren’t many) that I NEED to see performing live, with my own eyes. I will keep trying to buy now and keep on trying when the official sales commence and if it does not work, I will write to Robbie himself and ask for tickets:) Anyways…anyone thinking of what to give me for a Christmas present;)? The tickets are very welcome….


Anonymous said...

don't waste yr time hernes please.
Robbie Williams is Üllar Jörberg in disguise ...

Hernes said...

whoever said it, i dare you to be courageous enough to reveal yourself!
(and if it is a disguise, it's a darn good one:)