Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holiday check list

Things to check before going on a holiday somehere further than your neighboring countries:

Passport - good for at least next 6 moths. Check, yes, fine.
Jabs - yellow fever, hepatitis, typhoid et al, plus the malaria prophylactics. I was hoping for some more exciting side effects from the malaria pills like the crazy hallucinogetic dreams but i didn't get any. Maybe my dreams cannot get any weirder. All i got was funny tummy.
Good backpack - got my baby today, we're just getting acquainted tonite since we'll be spending some quality time together quite soon. Finding a good bag is as hard as finding a good boyfriend. Plus, you have to pay for it.
Insurance - i don't care if the whole insurance business is just a very clever idea of taking my money only for the added feeling of ...well...insurance. I'm addicted. I'm afraid if i don't get my health insured for travel time then i'm messing with the universe.
Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen - how hard is it to buy a pair of normal, regular sunglasses nowadays - they're all blinged up, a little gold here, some rhinestones there. Just give me a pair of glasses that no one would want to nick but which would still protect my eyes from scorching sun. And don't even get me started on the hat business... And you know the familiar smell of sunscreen - i can't say i like it as such, but it just smells like holiday:)
All hygiene essentials in tiny versions - you wanna take care of yourself but not add any extra weight to carry around.
Meds - nah, N will take care of that. Her mum is, after all, connected in the drug world.
A flask to fill it with some Hennessy for all kinds of reasons - for lubricating your insides against stomach bugs, for lifting your spirits, for when someone is in shock and someone else yells: "Quick, get her some brandy!", like they do in criminal novels.
...can't remember any more...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009