Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jazzkaar jammin - Roy Ayers, Torsten Goods et al

Yesterday I had an amazing start to my Jazzkaar weekend, though I really did not expect it. The only thing worrying me now is that I’m afraid I’ve already had the best concert I could wish for from Jazzkaar festival.
I went to see Tia Carroll in Clazz. I wished I’d gone to see Roy Ayers in Rock Café but the tickets were too expensive. However – I got my Tia AND I got my Roy, plus I got Torsten Goods and so much more – it was like a whole Jazzkaar on one tiny stage. After an enjoyable concert by Tia, the whole Roy Ayers crew turned up at Clazz for a couple of drinks and a bit of an afterparty. But you know how it is, when the vibe is good, the musicians just cannot stop themselves and all of them started jamming – guitars and drum sticks were changed from one pair of hands to others, whoever felt like it helped along with the vocal and at some point Ayers even brought out the sax. I have never witnessed anything like it. Do take a look at the video, even though it’s a bit shaky, as I was dancing at the same time as filming.

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