Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dancing on stage with Angelique Kidjo

Hi guys! So what did you do last night? I, for instance, danced on stage with the grammy-winning Angelique Kidjo. Mind you, I wasn’t alone, N was there, and her mum! and aunt and then a bunch of other people…but hey, I danced on stage with Angelique Kidjo!
Remember I mentioned in the last post that I might have already had the best Jazzkaar concert….well, forget all about it…Angelique Kidjo rocks your socks off! Her performance was magnificent. She’s got a great voice, she can shake her booty like no other and the energy on her concert…it’s something else. She’s one of those artists who’s ok on the CD but the main thing is still the live act. I suppose it must have been that good energy that made all the rest of the evening great too;)
Some Angelique performance videos will come later. I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this experience with you for any longer.

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