Friday, October 26, 2007

50 questions, 10 answers

There were those question someone sent me and said I should answer, there were 50 of them. 50 is too many. I picked randomly only 10 of them.

When did you last cry?
A bit more than 2 weeks ago, after my car accident.
Do you untie the shoelaces when taking off shoes?
Do you think you’re strong?
Yes, I do. Especially physically:)
Red or pink?
What do you miss at the moment?
Travelling (and food, it’s almost lunch time).
What’s your favourite scent?
Freshly washed bed linen.
Last movie you watched?
Estonian movie “Kuhu põgenevad hinged”. My advice: don’t pay money for watching it!
Hugs or kisses?
Yes, please.
Name one blogger you’d like to meet in real life.
Belle de Jour

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