Thursday, November 01, 2007

9000 calories

It was a lovely Wednesday evening and i had a lovely way of spending it. N and PM came over and we were baking 3 totally old-school delicacies, which taste like heaven but are asolutely evil when it comes to keeping the figure. The sum total of all the three delicacies was approx 9000 calories. Mind you, we did not eat them all:) God forbid! Most of it will be used for journalistic experiment. However, we tasted all of them and got such a sugar rush that we were giggling the whole evening.

So, what did we bake? They're all such old-school Estonian things that it's almost impossible to translate them into english without totally losing the meaning. Like for instance "Kirju koer", which was in a cafe in Estonia translated as "Multicoloured dog":) - a tasty bite consisting of butter, cocoa, nuts, jellied fruit and bisquits. Or a childhood sweet with many names "Sipelgapesa", "Kass Arturi kook" etc - made only with corn puffs, butter and toffee. And last, but not least - the "Walnut biscuits" - walnut shaped (figures, right!) biscuits filled with cooked condensed milk. Yummy!

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