Monday, November 26, 2007

Salsa in Tallinn

I googled "salsa in tallinn" to see what comes up....not the best overview of things, to be honest. Lot's of outdated and lacking info. Here's how i see things.

If you want to really learn salsa, there's Casa de Baile, check out the training schedules. Thankfully their page is both in Estonian and English.

If you want to just go out and dance some salsa and meet some of the Estonian salsa crowd, there's 3 possibilities a week:
Wednesdays at Kolumbus Krisostomus (Viru 24) - in old town, next to McDonalds.
Saturdays at Casa de Baile (Estonia pst 7) - right across the street from Estonia theatre. They usually have a party there, but check their website just in case there's a been a change of plans.
Sundays at Clazz (Vana turg 2) - in old town, right across from the Olde Hansa restaurant.

Not much, i know, but better than nothing. So, go and salsa away. I'll try to keep this updated.

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