Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gay bars in Tallinn

I think i've been to most of the gay bars in Tallinn. What can you do if they are often more fun than testosterone-smelling, bimbo-filled, bad-music night clubs.

In the olden times there was Nightman. It was a good place to go with a whole group of friends after some other party. No one ever went to NM before 1 o'clock, 2 or 3 or 4 a.m. was more like it. So when the party ended it was light outside and the first trams were driving by. The place was big and the music was excellent and it was the only place where you could see drunken celebrites dancing on the bar counters or falling off the stage. That's because everybody was feeling free and there were no photographers around. NM closed at some point. I don't know the reason but i think the gaylords were getting sick of their crib being over crowded with all the straight people.

After NM came Angel. Angel has a better location and a nice little upstairs cafe, where you can have an after party snack at 6 in the morning. On the downside, the club's too small, but it's still a good venue with, of course, great disco music and half-naked, very fit barmen(boys) dancing on the counter, pouring liqueur all over them. And of course you see many stars and starlets and wannabes, i guess it's always the case with popular gay clubs.

Some friends once dragged me to a bar called G-spot, which was a dump. It looked cheap, had no air and no class, the people were not the best looking and even the music couldn't save the day. I put it down as sociological experiment as it's not a place to return to.

Last Friday i got lured to another gay bar, called X-bar. It's right next to Angel and has been there for ever, but i've never been in. A invited me there for a drink, saying that it was like being in some god-forsaken village bar. It kind of is, you can quite forget you are in the middle of town. It's very kitschy, has mirrors and a pole in the middle of the small dance floor... well, you get the drift. The drinks really were cheaper than in the rest of the places in old town and the music was good, but the place was full of ugly lesbians. And when i say ugly, i'm not being cruel or arrogant. If a woman is overweight, with unattended short hair, no make-up and wears over-sized sports jumper, she can not look good. I wish someone could give a logical explanation to why the male gays are mostly (not generalizing here, but it is mostly) taking really good care of themselves and are prettier than average, whereas the female gays are just the opposite.


Nele said...

Nightman oli lihtsalt parim. Sest kedagi ei huvitanud kes, kus, kui palju või kellega. See oli lihtsalt puhas fun. Angel on minu maitse jaoks liiga trend ja snoob. Ja need teised... :):):) ehk et sellist head kohta, kuhu alati minna tahaks, ei olegi enam. ei ole.

Maekas said...

I wanna take you to the gay bar!
I wanna take you to the gay bar!
I wanna take you to the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar!

Hernes said...

Take me to the gay bar, gay bar, GAY BAR!!! :)
Right, ise sa pole üheski käinud.

Maekas said...

No mis siis, laulda ju ikka võib :D

Evaaa said...

sõbralik soovitus: ära geiklubide proovimise mõttes ring clubi külasta!

Hernes said...

Hehe:) ma olen Ringist palju kuulnud, piisavalt et ma sinna ei tikuks:) AGa minu arust sinna heterod tegelt ei saagi tänapäeval.