Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lovely London day 2

a.k.a Where to meet all the Estonians in London

Day 2 went as promised, under the tagline of heavy shopping. Shopping is most efficient with no more than 2 people. It's also possible alone but you need someone who helps you make decisions or sometimes decides for you. That's why we separated and i got S as a shopping pal. We started off at Primark, which is the new and cheaper H&M and let me tell you, it's a madhouse and i would spare myself from the hassle but since it's so cheap it makes it worth while. This is how you shop in Primark - you see sth you like, you bag it, you move skilfully though the store and collect things, not looking back, you find a mirror and take a first thorough look at all the stuff and pick the ones to buy. You only try on things which can be tried on without using the fitting rooms, since queuing for those is a total waste of time.
Some fellow Primarkers (image from google)
After such an exhausting first stop it was time for a coffee and after that some high end stores. Looking at Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags with a huge Primark paper bag in the other hand was a bit weird but that is exactly what we did. Note to fellow shoppers - when the bag is already chained to the counter that means trouble, or let's say, that means prices over £250 pounds.

In a little boutique an older man was sitting on the floor, knackered, while his somewhat younger other half was trying on fur coats. He looked like a perfect exaple of how tough it must be to keep up with a younger wife. Well, serves him right:)
In the evening we went out to a bar, but not just any London's "bar of the year" called Lounge Lover, where Madonna celebrated her birthday last year. The bar was rather nice, a total mixture - 21st century meets 18th century meets hunting lounge - but somehow, the mixture worked. The coctails were delicious and expensive. We had a nice waitress, who'd been bringing us drinks all night when suddenly Jazz, the only English-born among us, asked her whether she didn't happen to be Estonian. He later said he thought her accent sounded Estonian. And would you look at that, not only was she Estonian, she was from Tartu and she used to go to school a couple of hundred meters from where i used to live. And then there was another Estonian girl in the table next to us and who knows how many more were scattered around the bar:) As it turns out, you need to go to one of the most expensive and popular places in London to find all the Estonians. Poor post-soviet country....riight...

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