Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make reservations

It's this time of year, when the social calendar is filling up. Concerts, parties, dinners, spa visits etc. It's only 27th of November and here's the list of already booked dates:

29.11 BD party of a radio station ...Edit: An OK event, nothing special though.
30.11 J-s BD and Paul Oakenfold Concert ...Edit: J's bd was perfect, except for one incident, fakit, Oakenfold sucked, sorry, but that's the truth, awful location, bad organisation and wrong crowd.
5.12 BD of a client ...Edit: I didn't go
7.12 probably another BD party ...Edit: Yep, another bd, despite some controversy, i did go. The night lasted til 8 in the morning. Alcohol is (d)evil.
9.12 Bond Gala concert ...Edit: ppretty good! Despite my ongoing hangover.
10.12 a TV event ...Edit: Not bad but not as good as last year. No actually, i still say rather good, thanks to all the dancing at the end.
12.12 SPA treatment and dinner
21.12 company X-mas party
22.12 hopefully another concert

...and then there's the film festival for which i definitely have to find time and then there are the salsa classes every Tuesday and Thursday.

But, hey, there are still some vacancies:) Let me know, if you have some good ideas and i'll book a date in my schedule:)

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Maekas said...

Noh, another concert vä? :P