Monday, November 12, 2007

Lovely London day 3

Ok, i must admit, it's almost ridiculous to write about my third day in London after more than a week has passed but i'm still gonna do it because it was a good day.
After the night in bar of the year and some rather expensive and fancy drinks (preceded by some less expensice drinks at home and some Cava on the tube to town) we were bound to be slightly hung over. That means it's better to keep any kind of compulsory activities to the minimum and just chill. We headed to Camden Town. After a roaring review from N i already knew what to expect but it still blew me away. The diversity of people that you see in London is multiplied 10 times in Camden - from punks to classy old ladies. Even the tourists are varied. And then there's the merchandise - you can buy almost everything - from antiques to sex toys. And let's not forget the merchants - they're a class of their own, mostly with attitude. For instance, there was an old man, 70+, reading a paper, wearing tiny reading glasses, i was going through the old biscuit tins in his shop, unable to decide which to pick. Suddenly the man, without even looking up from the paper, says: "So, is the tin lady going to pick one out or is this taking for ever?"

Anyways, i went there with no expectations and ended up buying a lovely coat (which was a real bargain), gorgeous blue, very high heeled shoes and a necklace. Plus, we ate some excellent African food, some doughnuts and mulled wine and topped it all up with strawberries in white chocolate. It sure was a delicious day.


Nele said...

ma tahan seda sööki sealt Camdenist. KOHE. mmmmm. me sõime hiina nuudleid hiina naiste käest. nad andsid maitsta ka enne ostu. hea teenindus.

Hernes said...

Jah, ma nüüd tahan ka seda hiina naiste toitu:)

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa, i miss london!!!!!!!!!!!!!!