Monday, May 22, 2006

One cast on offer...any bidders?

I’m getting real tired of the whole arm-in-cast thing. It’s tedious. I’m beginning to hate capital letters when typing, I despise washing dishes and I soon give up showering – too much hassle doing everything with one hand and trying to keep the other one dry. And I so much miss sleeping on my belly.

I must admit there are just a couple of positive aspects too, like all the attention I get when I’m wearing all my yellow and pink and black cast coverings …..but to be honest, I’d rather get noticed for different reasons….At first I thought there must have been a reason for such a stupid accident and breaking 2 bones exactly at the places where I had the caps on….you know, something big that universe was trying to tell me….but now I’ve given up that thought too, because nothing good has yet come out of it.

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