Saturday, June 03, 2006

Photo competition vol 1

A lot has been going on in my life lately. Paradoxically, when there's lots going on, there’s not enough time to write about it. However, some events must not go unnoticed. Last Wednesday we held our first friendly photo competition. 4 contestants, 5 categories, 3 jury members, 20 good photos and 2 winners. The categories this time were: spring, white, old, retro and sport. The final “gala” night at my place was good fun and good things are worthy of sequels – so…soon enough there will be Vol 2. Next time we're gonna have 1 more contestant and several members of the jury have promised to sponsor the event with prizes.

Now, though we already had our winners, an internet voting won’t hurt either, would it? So, you guys, please take a look at the picture and tell me, which one in each category would you pick as a winner (click on the picture to enlarge it).


Raul said...

The winners would be:
Spring: Second picture.
White: Second picture.
Old: Third picture.
Retro: Fourth picture.
Sport: Third picture.

R said...

And the Oscar goes to...
Spring: Second picture
White: Fourth picture
Old: Second picture
Retro: Third picture
Sport: First picture

R said...

And my friend Pili's vote:
Spring: Third picture
White: Third picture
Old: Second picture
Retro: Third picture
Sport: Second picture

N said...

good to see so may different opinions, well done voters ;)