Friday, June 09, 2006

Madrid – day 2 and 3

This was the momentous day of the cast coming off. Ooh…it felt good. You know, if there´s more than 30 degrees outside, the cast feels like you´re wearing a helmet which is 2 numbers too small. So, now, instead of the cast I´m wearing some equipment which makes me look like a wonder-woman or probably someone from Star wars:)

On Wednesday I digged some more city, just chilling, feeling the vibe, walking through some important tourist spots, blending into a group of Japanese tourists – they never noticed, probably because your vision is limited through lens, had a huge cuba libre in a small street, chatting with a guy from States and a girl from Honduras (topics: Picasso, Dali, bullfighting and Sex and the city), forgot totally about time, had to rush home for a quick shower before going out, had a dinner with Aegee people, walked miles in the city with R, headed to Huertas – the pubbing-clubbing-drinking area, danced in a club for a couple of hours and took the night bus home. So much about Wednesday in a nutshell.

On Thursday R had free and we could have a real holiday day, just chilling by the pool and suntanning and getting a mild sunburn. Later we headed for the more “cool” areas of Madrid. First it was the Fuencaral shopping street where you can find shops for people with cool hobbies to numerous tattoo places and lots of pierced people with dreadlocks. Fuencaral leads us to even more liberal area – the gay neighbourhood called Chueca. These parts of Madrid I really like – it´s a bit dirtier than you average shopping streets but you won´t see any tourists there, just a whole range of colourful locals and lots of nice little places where you can for instance have a huge calimocho and eat pigs ears (we did that for real:) And after that we went back home, had a bit of Vana Tallinn and watched almost the whole first season of Friends.

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N said...

aaaaah Chueca ja liitrised calimochod.... mmmmmm, ajuvaba, tahaks ka madriiiidiiiiiii...