Thursday, June 22, 2006

Madrid and Barcelona – day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Last day in Madrid went flying by. Things to remember are, first, watching the first game of the Spanish team…you can imagine how empty the streets of Madrid were during the game. And second, another date with J.

The same night at around 5 in the morning we hit the road and headed for Barcelona, yipii… beaches and waves, here we come. And the road lasted and lasted and lasted – almost 7 hours altogether and as we’re dealing with the Catalan region, you can be sure they charge money for everything. We paid 22 euros just for the highway toll. Believe me, it’s cheaper to fly.

Reaching Barcelona, we headed straight for the beach….and that’s pretty much how the rest of the days in Barcelona looked like:) Every day there was some beach fun, some sightseeing, some eating and drinking and some going out. Our host P was amazing, he just let us stay in his new rental flat where even he or none of the roommates were not staying yet. Wonderful.

When comparing the 2 cities, I must say that as a city I like Madrid a wee bit more. Barcelona has the sea and the beach – can’t compete with that, but it’s soooooo full of tourists. Madrid is more authentic, with all the little crappy places, it’s somewhat dirty streets and local people. Barcelona is tidier, with lots of beautiful people but not the “real thing”. The waves of course were fantastic, I’m always surprised how much power water has, one seemingly little wave can strip you from your bikini and splash you almost back on the beach. Anyways, me and R had a lot of fun jumping in the waves after a couple of cuba libres – uff…almost better than sex.

On Sunday, when R left back to Madrid, I got the feeling that it was time to go home. Maybe it was because I was alone or maybe 2 weeks was just enough for the moment being but it felt right that I’d be going home the next day. But I’m definitely going back! You can bet on it.

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...And we'll be waiting for you!!! ;O) Lov ya, miss ya!