Monday, June 26, 2006

Hiiumaa reloaded

Photo: Roki

This weekend it was Jaanipäev again (or Ligo for Latvians or San Juan for Spanish or just mid-summer celebration for everybody). And quite like last year, we headed to the adorable island Hiiumaa. This time we were under the loving care of G. (a.k.a. Mr. G-spot) and his family and he was a wonderful host.

Our whole adventure started on Thursday evening when by coincidence we (me, N and Roki) happened to shop for drinks in the same supermarket with our 4th passenger Mr. T (a.k.a. the invisible friend). Mr. T was telling us horror stories how people going to Hiiumaa were standing in queue for the ferry for 5-7 hours. Smart, as we all are, we came up with the plan to leave Tallinn at 3 to catch the first ferry at 6. However, at 3, without any sleep, the plan did not seem quite as attractive any more. Nevertheless, we hit the road and by 5 we were in harbor among the first lucky (read: tired) ones. It took us a lot of willpower to not call our hosts already then. So we called at 7.30 when we landed and asked for directions. They were absolutely certain we were f***ng with them up to the moment we actually reached the house;)

Ridiculously early departure time and exhaustion aside, we gained a whole day of perfect leisure with sunbathing, swimming, chilling, calimochos, games, waterpipe, delicious food, good company and lots of fun. In the evening we did all the necessary elements of Jaanipäev – the fire, of course, eating a lot, for sure, jumping over the fire, alone and together with friends and some of the less necessary elements – like for instance wrestling on the grass, getting lots of bruises in the process. For some reason we forgot about the tradition of running over the meadow naked at the crack of dawn…or maybe I just don’t remember or maybe i was already asleep at the time.

The day after was like a day after should look like, another day with perfect leisure and just chilling. The catchword of this day was football. Unfortunately to all of us and especially to our Swedish friends Svenne, Mr Acorn and rootsi Mariliis, Sweden lost against Germany. Had they won we would have witnessed a striptease by our darling Swedes. Not to forget, we played some football ourselves too. After a lot of fake injuries I got one for real as well. Now most of my right calf is blue-blackish and swollen, it’s real pretty:) And later, of course some perfect food and drinks and fire again. And for the midnight snack we had freshly smoked fish and ash-potatoes. Mmmm….could it be any more perfect? And then of course some dancing on the table during the sunrise, lots of good stories and laughing, laughing, laughing a lot.

The last day was some more chilling and then back to the mainland. As usually, many-many more things happened and lots of stories will be left untold but again we had a perfect time, so, thanks to our hosts and thank you Hiiumaa, you never fail to excite me:)

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