Sunday, June 11, 2006

Madrid and Toledo – day 4 and 5

Friday took us to Toledo, or to be precise, R´s car took us there:) Toledo was nice, the kind of town where you can enjoy the little streets going up and down and up and down, have a nice coffee and eat something – and can do all that in one day. For my taste, it was a bit too ….historical. Madrid has so much more to offer with all the diversity.

One thing I still cannot get used to is the habit of eating dinner so late. It´s usually 9 or 10 o´clock, but definitely never before 8, and after dinner you only start getting ready for a party. Imagine I was taking shower at sth past 12, to go out after that. We were going to a discotheque called Aventura, in R´s neighbourhood. R told me that probably because the place is so close to her home she always used to get really drunk in there and this Friday was no different. For the most of the evening I felt like a tourist attraction – lots of guys approaching me, asking if I was wearing lenses and where I was from etc. However, as most of them were trying to speak in Spanish I had to let my pimp (mi chulo) R talk to them. Now, about the getting drunk part…that was all because of a really cute barman who was also taking some interest in us and just bringing the drinks for free the whole night…

Considering the previous night, the next morning was not one of the easiest ones in my life (que horror) and the prospect of going to meet R´s family didn´t sound too appealing. However, the day turned out to be really nice. Meeting the parents, the brother and the cousins, eating some home-cooked paella, trying to answer sth back when they were all speaking Spanish to me:) At some point I just smiled and nodded…while trying my best to get over the hangover and stay awake.

And in the evening there was a birthday and housewarming party of a friend of R´s. When trying to generalize, then it seems to me that the people here drink less, smoke more but more or less enjoy themselves and party the same way as young people back home.


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Hea napsutrall!!

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