Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Those bastards....

This is the post I don’t really want to write but at the same time I feel I have to. After the fabulous weekend in Hiiumaa, when we reached N’s place, there was a surprise waiting for us. Not a pleasant one. She had had some uninvited visitors, who had messed up the whole place and taken away her valuable things. I don’t get it, why do those bastardly, sunamabitches thieves go and take from where there isn’t much to take. I mean, get a real job and BUY stuff like the rest of the people do!

This was another one of the stories in the series of “when you are away and having an excellent time, you come home and all the good emotions vaporize to air”. Roughly 4 months ago, when N returned from Venezuela, it was the same situation. The thieves had taken all the more attractive items, like 2 laptops, mobile phones etc. This time (and I’m sure it was the same people) they took what was left, that they rejected the first time, like the stereo, gold watch and jewellery etc. The place was a mess, all the things out of the cupboards and so on. And the worst part was that they had also taken her passport….2 days before her 3-months travel to Equador.

She is now virtually almost without any earthly possessions. The last 2 days have been all about running errands – getting a new passport, getting the visa copies from the embassy in Sweden, acquiring new vaccination certificates etc. I am so glad she finally managed to get everything sorted, so she could leave for the 3-month travel and is able to forget all this s*it and start over after coming back. For sure, I’m gonna miss her but I’m still glad for her.

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