Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Madrid – day 6, 7 and 8

Hey. Yes, I am still reporting to you from Madrid. The plans changed so we head for Barcelona tomorrow, or rather tonite, at sth like 4 o´clock, cause it´ll take us around 6 hours by car. I´m not complaining, I love Madrid and I´ve got lots to do.

On Sunday we went to Rastro in the Latina neighbourhood – that´s street market. It´s something like Portobello market in Notting hill London, but bigger. There´s lots and lots of streets filled with people selling almost everything. You can buy your whole wardrobe, plus stuff for your home and heaps of tacky stuff that you´ll never need but which seem too cool for not buying. Rastro is a lot of fun, especially because the variety of people you see there – and I don´t mean the buyer, the sellers are the ones who range from dreadlocked hippies to old and wrinkled little grannies. And when you´re already tired from shopping, you just head to the closest bar, where you can have a beer and where R forces you to eat snails. That was like fear factor, if I wasn´t looking, they were not so bad but I just couldn´t get the image out of my head.

Later on we sat in a nice little café, eating churros, headed on to another place for drinks and for meeting the cute barman (let us call him J) and his friend and later back home. Each night that we don´t go out, we watch Friends. I think we have just reached the end of the first season:) (Oh, just a little sidemark, but still important in the whole story – I got an awful allergic reaction on my face, and I have no idea what it was from – the sun, or some food or some make-up stuff together with sun? really no idea. Yo no tengo ni ideja.).

Monday saw us 2 girls chilling by the pool (me covering my face just to be sure) and later shoe shopping in a…well…a shoe shop – talk about girly day. And later the same day there was a date with the cute barman/some kind of other job man/future director (as in movie or documentary or tv show director).

Tuesday we hit some of the tourist sites, like for instance an Egyptian temple. The thing with the temple is following…one might wonder what is an Egyptian temple doing in Madrid, but as R was telling me…at some point in history all the major European countries headed to Egypt and when talking about visiting other countries, you bring souvenirs, right? Well there you go…oh, what a cute temple, let´s take it home. There´s not many of them left in Egypt.

And then we had lunch in a creperie, sent my postcards (the ones getting them can now officially start waiting for them) and headed home, for I had to get home and get ready for another date with J. I know there´ll be a whole bunch of people now going, oh, come on K, spill the details, but I say…just call me when I get back home and we meet for a coffee and we can speak more about my travel, ok:)?

And even later in the evening we were just walking around Madrid with a whole group of Aegee people. Oh, I met this guy A again who 4 years ago came to Estonia to a summer university. Time sure has flewn….


Anonymous said...

Send a photo of the allergic reaction!!

Hernes said...

haha, it´s not as bad as you might expect;) and it´s gone now anyway.

cool as Kim Deal said...

Hey, my good spanish friend told me that you met him accidentally on the streets of Madrid! :-)

Hernes said...

That's right. That was just one of the strage coincidences on that trip. Oh, and nice to have you back in the readers' circle, Jo;)