Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Family time

I had the best time with my family this weekend. We, the kids, cooked for the ‘rents. Italian food was on the menu – bruschettas, salad, pasta Bolognese – the whole shebang. (Note to self: Never ever taste fresh chilli pepper, even if it looks as innocent as a paprika!) After the fun-filled meal it was time for the kids to go out and play. As we get older, our ages get more similar. I mean, me and my sister, we’ve stopped aging, of course and our brother is just catching up with us. That means we all get to go out together, talk about loads of stuff and have a couple of drinks. I think I ended up paying for the drinks, being the only one with a steady job. It was either that or we left without paying. I sometimes forget to pay in outdoor places. But I think we still did.

The rest of the night went by, flying. Whenever I go out in Tartu, I always meet so many people I know – be it the old friends and acquaintances or the new ones who also have a strong connection with the town. Stasik was there, our new secretary, Ms. T, was there. Turns out we have some friends in common. Several people who I know through my sis were there, some shadows from my youth were there and on top of everything I made some new acquaintances. When I’m in Tartu, I feel I haven’t aged at all – it’s like going back to the time I left town, which was around the time I graduated from the uni. It’s strange, yet refreshing once in a while.

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