Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's still not better than sex

Went to watch football yesterday. Some people say it's better than sex. Well, i beg to differ. I have watched Estonia play...and lose several times. Even if there is some consolation in saying "It was a good game and we should've won", there's nothing better than actually winning the match. Even if it's winning over a country as small as a peanut. with 9 yellow and 2 red cards, 3 goals (2 of them in our favour), couple of fights and guys taking off theis shirts, it was good entertainment.

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Karupoeg Pohhui said...

Ma tahaks teada, kes alustas selle nõmeda teema, et jalgpall on parem kui seks ... nagu mis olukorras see üldse võimalik on ... midaiganes. Aga tore, et Eesti võitis!